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Chelsey looks so much like Jim Carrey in that Pretty Party pic I can't even handle it.


Rich, I'm disappointed you didn't make mention of Gayla's Super Screech. Was she sick, or just perpetually on the verge of crying, that she made my ears want to bleed upon every syllable?

Or is it just me?


There is this invention called "contact lenses" that Kacey needs to get wind of. Could help with that whole blind-on-the-runway thing.


I like that you brought up the whole "Gayla" possibility. Obviously the kids at my high school had the same thoughts as you because they called me "Gaytey" (Katey) and my girlfriend Lindsay was "Lindsgay". Awesome.


Speaking of Danielle (still the greatest season of all time), I wonder how she's coping with the whole gap-tooth-is-so-au-courant movement currently rolling across the fashion sections of the major dailies? That seven hours in the dentist chair sure seems worth it now.


Ke$ha + Beavis...YES!!!


I have loved your recaps forever, but today I had to write and say that the screencap from Jaws looks like the outline of a woman's reproductive system.

Anne Marie

My problem with Anamaria was all the fucked up things she was saying. She clearly had issues with her weight and eating and the jury is still WAY out on under-eating for longevity.


"Also, that is the demon spawn of Ke$ha and Beavis."

i lol'ed forever.


All of them are rather brickish this cycle.


I can only think of one bully word for Tyra .. "Naomi"!

Whitney G

I was so sad to see Annamaria go because she was such a perfect bitch. There was so much potential there!

I do think she looked a bit sketchy in some of the clips, especially during the photo shoot. Adding 5 or so pounds of muscle mass would be good for her. But as soon as she said she was on a "restricted calorie diet," I knew she was doomed by Tyra "I never met a calorie I didn't like" Banks.

And Ann? Shut up. So people called you a giant and made Frankenstein noises at you. Wow, I cannot at all imagine anything more cruel being said or done to a human being. How did you not kill yourself?

On a completely non-bitter note, I love that Kendal is from my home state of Alabama. Her batshit craziness makes me proud.

You ain't shit, Rich.

Okay, so I must say once again that you're my hero for watching this garbage and putting it in easily (and pleasurably) digestible form for us.

Why did that sound filthy?


I've totally figured it out: Ann is the daughter of Day of the Dead's Lori Cardille. But a little less pretty.


Pug and Jen, I feel your pain. So close to "luscious," so close to "Lucius," and yet not quite either.


When I saw DVF pull away from Nigel the first thing that popped into my head was "God damn, I hope Rich saw that too".


"She's like Storm from X-Men, except when her eyes go white, bullshit rains down."

Genius! And also, BWAHAHA.


No mention of Tyra quoting Jade by calling Liz a "biracial butterfly"? I am disappointed... Imagine that!

Ellen CA

I'm disappointed that you didn't mention the man who appeared to be peeing on the side of the Venice Beach house when they first showed it.


I always hate it when I get to the end of your recaps.
& I had totally forgotten about that random Demi Lovato appearance until I read the second comment...seriously what was up with that?


I MUST love how "fierce" is the politically correct "lanky". I'm very surprised if it wasn't Tyra herself who came up with that.


Ann - being weird for the sake of being weird - it is what kids do. As for being called a giant - well, sometimes it isn't what is said, it is how it is said to them... Where I am from sorority girls can make, "well don't you look cute," mean, "who in the holy hell let you leave your room looking like that?" Just sayin'.

Annamaria - Anny? isn't there some sort of internet subculture devoted to living this sort of lifestyle? Most unfortunate name association - though Gayla is a close second.

Who asked about having trouble coming up with what they were viciously tagged in High School? I think I was called a freak once or twice, cancer girl - bitch...stupid etc. It wounded me deeply then - now, not so much. It's funny, I always thought of myself as some weird, redheaded, abino Amazon. Now I think I am a fierce redheaded, albino Amazon.


"Bigotry today continues to disappoint." Is probably one of the best quotes ever.


Did anyone else laugh aloud when the photo shoot promoting/advertising the idea of Annamaria's scrawniness cut to an ad with the head of a broom careening around a room?


This is inarguably your best work to date, I cried reading parts of it.

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