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Jw because for Advanced English for the past god knows how many years, the kids have had to read that (and Pride and Prejudice) but now the future 9th graders have to read Animal Farm and The Secret Lives of Bees.
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I have no words to say about this pictures, all pictures are really lovely, but i can't understand what he want to show in this pictures.
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ahahah!!!! I love the closing picture and comment of your post Rich. Bullshit rains down *sigh* good read


As for Naima being asexual, a (male) friend of a friend of mine supposedly hooked up with her at a party in New York a couple years ago, so make of that what you will. Could obviously be lying but kind of a random, unimpressive celebrity to have made up unless it was true.


Great as always Rich.

But serious question, does anybody else feel insulted that Tyra thinks she's a supermodel? She hasn't done anything in her career to warrant that moniker. Top model, maybe, Top Celebrity Model, for sure, but supermodel. She's kidding right?


I haven't watched the last few cycles and am so glad to be back if only for your recaps.


I finally saw Paris is Burning recently, and when I watched this episode I thought, "Holy shit! Anamaria looks like Venus Xtravaganza!" Check it out:

Anna D.

Great recap as always. Speaking of Cassandra Peterson (who I hadn't thought of in a million years), the LA Weekly has a feature article on her this week. Quelle coincidence?

Elvira's World


Ann looks creepily similar to Russell Brand?

Awesome! Also, the editor in me can't help but notice that they mispelled "lucious" on Miss Soup Cooler. I yelled that out during the show. :)

Posted by: Jen Hughes | September 20, 2010 at 04:22 PM "

I hate to bring it up, but so did you. (And you misspelled misspelled as well.)




I'm 5'10". When I dropped down to 118 pounds, my doctor was threatening IV's. 5'10" and 110? I have a tough time buying that as "healthy."

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I hate making up too much!!

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