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September 30, 2010



You're right. Just what I needed.


Why is it that I imagine some seedy, underground lair with walls covered in cheap crushed velvet and floors sticky with god only knows what, full of bins of unmentionable things that you thrust your hands into and come up with this stuff? No matter where it is you come upon this crazy shit, I'm glad you do. Your GIF walls are sheer works of art, my friend.
P.S. I totally read the Hunger Games trilogy on your recommendation. Thank you for that.


I can't wait to see it. I loved Gummo.


What's with Korine and combining food and soap? In Gummo, the weird kid eats spaghetti and a candy bar in a dirty bath tub while his hair is shampooed and here it looks like they're pouring dish washing soap on pancakes. NASTY!


This is why FourFour is my favorite blog.


th e 3 little devils song is addictive
btw, OST is available from Drag City


Saw this at TIFF last year, it was definitely an experience. Took about a week to get over it.

Emily H.

Trash Humpers was amazing. Totally effective black comedy.


Man, I wish I hadn't clicked on this before going to bed.

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What can I say??

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One of the reasons I admire Thatcher is because she was clever, curious and well-informed. I think you need to get over your class analysis of this situation. I also think the idea of a conservative who has no time for the concept of the 'better' is a contradiction of terms.

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Musical about a loser cult freak collective in creepy masks who enjoy low-grade torture, public urination, senseless vandalism and humping defenseless garbage cans.

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