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September 01, 2010



nodding along to so much stated here. also, it's nice to have a "pop" face on the uk bass scene, which is probably the only way it could ever break in the states. wondering about your thoughts on "hold on" by rusko, which, to my ears, should have been a summer radio staple. and that count & sinden album is mega, btw.


Thank you for introducing me to her. You linked to her on twitter and I've been listening to her everyday since. Can't wait to hear more from her.


Flawless post Rich.
@kt -- I agree about Rusko's "Hold On"


its from my latest story, its about a girl named vivian, who really dislikes this guy, but her friend Katy asks him to go with Vivian to her boyfriends birthday dinner.
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Katy Perry wrote the song and recorded it but did not put it on her album. She also wrote another song called Long Shot which is another song on Kelly Clarksons new album.
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Gross. I have to follow 2 fake comments. Anyway, I tried to give her a shot, but there is an insincerity to a white British girl singing with Jamaican inflections. I get the progression, don't get me wrong, and she should be able to sing in any mode she chooses (and she obviously does); however, it keeps me from enjoying the vocals.
Add to that the hyper-masculinity of the "scene" and I'm just steppin' back. I'll take the JayBees remixed by Aphrodite or some old, old Roni Size over this chick any day.


You do the BEST reviews!
i wonder if she really has problem paying her rent? I DOUBT IT!


I'm in love with Benga. I'm so jealous that he teamed up with some little fruity white girl singer & it wasn't me. :-P


I adore both of these songs and I can assure you that they'll be on repeat in my apartment this entire weekend. Your pop taste is (almost) impeccable.


Thanks for the review. I downloaded the singles and I love them.

As much as I love your generally scathing pop reviews, it is so great to get a recommendation from you.

And, love of loves, I see the Jersey Shore review is posted. God bless you.


Great article. I had never heard of Katy B before, but this article definitely makes me want to add her to my work-out mix.

Also, on the topic of linguistics, check out this article from NPR. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=102518565 It's interesting to see how the gender of a word affects how people can view an object


Thanks as always for your amazing review. I love these tracks and your insight here kills it.


Nice to hear some music that doesn't sound like everything else.


The song 'Fade Away' reminded me a little of Esthero. Rich, you should check out 'Breath From Another' if you haven't already. Granted, it's from 1998, but it's still one of my favorites.

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Wow!! she is looking so beautiful in this video.

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