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September 24, 2010



Glad you're getting over this show. I wanted the first season to stand on its own and just won't watch it this season.

They're just too coy and self-aware. They get paid to be disgusting at this point.

I'm a huge reality TV fan, and I can handle contrived storylines, but there REALLY DOES need to be an element of "realness" for me to enjoy it.

True, it speaks to the lengths these people will go to get noticed, but I'm not enjoying the exploitation of these people, because they're popular for sucking.

Debbie M

Glad I stopped watching this episode about 10 min in............sounds like I didn't miss much!


Thanks for the recap. I am totally in agreement with you about reaching your limit with the misogyny of these people. I've felt that way about previous episodes, but the slut shaming of this episode was especially enraging, and yeah, especially from Snooki and J Woww...I like them both, but jesus, have a little perspective! I mean, Snooki is essentially doing exactly what Angelina is, or she WOULD be, if as she says it wasn't only "grenade grundle-choads" or whatever that tried to pick her up at the club!!


i think sanitation summed it up best when when he described a woman's period as "a situation."


Okay, probably going to skip this one. At this point I need to hang on to the "good" memories.


I hate these people and bailed about half way last night. Like Sammi, I'm done, DONE. I think Angelina is truly too stupid to be alive. Had she stuck around last year they would not have a second season. You almost ALMOST want to see her get her clock cleaned.


I felt this way about 3 weeks ago.
And yet I still watch. :(


I feel like I have to finish out the season because I'm compulsive that way. I agree with you and have since E1S2 that this is a downhill race to Whocaresville. I used to enjoy Vinnie because he was a little better grounded than the rest of them-last year. This year there is no one in the group with even a hint of any redeeming quality. Now the trashfest is complete and skin-crawling with none of the freak-show fun to to which I used to look forward. ewww.

Deanna Destroi

Did anyone else snicker when The Sanitation said that the tampon was "chillin' on the floor"? He takes anthropomorphism to a whole new level.


If only they had put the pad on the stove, Mr. Thackery could lecture them on their sluttish behavior! Starring Snooki as Lulu in "To Slur with Love"


The show is better than it has ever been. I'm guessing all these complainers u guys are all like early thirties?

Chantal Goya

And based on your shitty grammar, u guy is like 9?


I love you Rich, but honestly, you are taking this shit way too seriously. The whole point of camp is to *laugh* at it. If you aren't finding it funny anymore, or you can't find funny in it anymore, than STOP COVERING IT. I hate the misogynistic bullshit just as much as you do, probably more considering I am a woman, but that's not the point. This show isn't here to be p.c. It's here to be annoying, archaic, and ridiculous. You take ANTM at face value and your recaps are hilarious, but reading your Jersey Shore recaps just makes me feel like an asshole for enjoying the show for the same reasons I enjoy other shows of the same caliber: They're idiotic. So either embrace the camp or don't, but you can't have it both ways. I adore you and your blog, but your sudden snootiness regarding the standard of the shit you review is starting to bother me. If I want hypocritical elitist bullshit I will read Perez Hilton.


Here here!! Co-sign "Elise". You stole my joy from the sheer fuckery that was episode 9. Jeez Rich. :|


How is Jersey Shore 2 camp? Camp is clever.


Rich, I am so glad you're over it. I've never watched an episode of this show and only read your recaps of it because I enjoy you and your point of view, not this show. I'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say about some truly cooky, surreal reality show, but leave these miserable fools to their herpes, alcohol, and 3 remaining minutes of fame.
Cover Project Runway! I know you did once, but it's got the reality component and a real telent component! It's what reality TV should be. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

Either way, I thank you for the recaps thus far if not just for a good laugh.


I agree, Rich. With all the misogyny lately, the show has started to become downright depressing.

Dr SparkleDivaStarfish

Aww Rich, you do so much for us. I fully sanction you quitting these hoes. Trashy reality TV is supposed to be fun. But somewhere this whole "Jersey Shore" thing took a huge turn and parked its trailer on the border between Misogynyville and Verbal Abuse Heights. It will only make you bitter, thus shortening your life span as a beloved pop culture anthropologist. Detox with some Snapped! on Oxygen.


how are you not entertained by this? you expect too much from a reality mtv show. i've really enjoyed it, just as much as last yr and i'm looking forward to the angelina/snookie brawl.


oh yea, agree with everything elise said. get off your b/s bachelor in english high horse.


Please don't stop, Rich. Your pain is OUR pain. Our pain is Snooki's pain. Snooki's pain is currently being treated at a vagina bone clinic in Flint, Michigan.

I agree with everything you're saying politically but I also agree with "G.agz"'s assertion that the show is, indeed, AMAZING right now.

As Em & RhiRhi say, "I love the way it hurts."


Wake me up when Ronnie is a fisting bottom in a leather flick.


rich, i really hope you check out sister wives. looks like a whole new reality tv trainwreck.


With your newfound appreciation of just how overdone and sensationalized this douchey cast is, I thought you might appreciate some online anti-Jersey Shore "art."



The Situation's smirk looks very Rodney Dangerfield to me, which for some reason makes me sad.

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