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September 15, 2010


Sarah G

Great recap! I almost stopped watching this episode (keyword: almost) because I couldn't deal with their soapboxes. Jenni cheated on her long-term boyfriend and Angelina is a whore? They all must have short-term memories. I know we can't expect logic or reason but this was almost too much.


Nice recap. I was screaming at the tv when Vinny called the girl back and begged her to come. Ugh, what a turn off.

King Destructo

Did this episode show early? I thought this wasn't until Thursday.

kizzle dizzle

I don't understand why everyone is all upset and Angelina...Her and Jose aren't technically together. If they're single then she can do what she wants...right? Just because not everyone would, doesn't mean its wrong. And look at the people in this house...they've all either cheated or helped someone cheat so who are they to tell her shes wrong? Don't get me wrong...I don't like Angelina. I just don't understand the problem here.


I think it is ok to have a love/hate relationship with the Jersey Shore kids. There are worse vices out there. Plus, let's enjoy their "innocence" before it is gone, which I think is just about to happen..


I love this show. It is like reading a terrible magazine or watching a horrible soap but it actually happened.


They are petulant, spoiled, sheltered "children" thrown into a big city with other big fish.

Toss in the chumsicle and watch the shark show!



"The Sanitation" is so perfect, not least because it's so fucking obvious once someone else thinks of it.

The foreground guy in the "No but listen..." gif makes me very sad. Isn't there a government program to help him find a hat that fits? And teach him to dance or kiss a duck while punching a balloon or do whatever the hell it is he's trying to do, someplace where no one else ever has to see that again?


The "foreground guy" is Vinny, is it not?


Ha, love the gifs. This season isn't as fun as last because the misogyny and hypocritical moralizing is out of control.

I used to love the Snooki/JWoww monster, but they're just so horrible and bitchy this season. I liked JWoww's toughness, but yeesh...she just seems like she some real issues these days. Could see her being in and out of jail for assault over the next 5-10 years.

Don't get me started on Vinny and Ronnie. I thought they were the nice guys; clearly I was mistaken.


vinny's game is sooo weak. i knew he could only feed off of pauly and sitch. should have stuck with the hooters chick. he doesn't know how to handle the so fla b1tches.


I am the only one of my overeducated liberal Demo-snob friends who deigns watch this show but I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK ABOUT IT.

So Rich, thank you. Thank you SO MUCH for providing this loving, safe environment.

Why is everyone calling Angelina a whore when they're all whores themselves, especially Pauly and The Situation.

Speaking of, HOW MUCH COKE DOES EVERYONE DO IN THAT HOUSE?? There is nothing else that could possibly explain being up and frantically summoning women to come party with you a 6 fucking a.m. No one stays up that late, even for sex, without some sort of chemical influence and alcohol alone I'm not buying.

I have the exact same wall plaques in the Jersey Shore house in my house (bought before this season, I swear) and it's really unnerving to see them every time I watch the show:

Thanks for calling out Vinn for calling Angelina the Staten Island Dump. I'm not a fan of hers but if someone does you the courtesy of letting you bump moist parts then the least you can do is not insult them on national television.

Scott S

When Vinny pathetically begs for the 2nd date, I still didn’t read Ramona’s response as a yes. It seemed like she listened to him whine for a bit, and then was like, “Aw, okay, I’ll see ya…” As in “I’ll see you around” not as in “I’ll see you on that date tonight, after all, even though I already told you I don’t want to go and didn’t even provide an excuse, just said exactly that, ‘I don’t want to.’” Still, any time these misogynists get their comeuppance, it feels like win, although Vinny isn’t the biggest offender there.

dawn imholte

Rich, have you seen this? http://www.motelbythesea.com/features.htm

dawn imholte

that was an accident, I meant this one...http://jerseycircus.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-09-12T11%3A00%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=8


need a gif of J-Woww getting into the hot tub :)

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

Not fair - as a East Coast transplant, the inclusion of Yodels absolutely wore me OUT!


Mike was so hell-bent on telling José that Angelina hooked up with Vinny...why didn't he just write him an anonymous note?


Does anybody know whats the last song ??



Listen to the crowd. Heh heh heh.

J Sweet

After the producers put the miss in misogyny6 (A+) maybe Sammie and Ronnie can put the ex into excess and Sanitation can put Sanitation into his Situation, because do they even use condoms?????

We NEVER see him reach for one and you know they would edit that in lovingly, and humorously.

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Vibe Time

Mike and Pauly are HUGE hypocrites. Angelina is a whore? Um, you two are the biggest whores in the universe.

I think Vinny is utterly pathetic this season. He seemed like a nice, normal guy last year, but now he's so desperate for screen time that he's decided to appropriate Mike and Pauly's wretched personalities.

And I think it's despicable that Vinny lets his mother act like that. Seriously, you just sit there and let your mom wait on you and your friends hand and foot without even offering to help her, telling her to sit down and hang out with you, or eat some of the food she spent hours slaving over? Vinny is a spoiled, immature child and a pathetic manwhore wannabe.


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