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September 22, 2010


Bloom Creatives

Wow, you don't even need glue traps?


To be truly effective they need to make a wax Jesus out of the left-over crayon by melting it and fashioning the figure by hand.


Wow. That has to be the shittiest shit you have ever posted. I put this on one end of the spectrum, while I put you responding to the space shuttle launch on the opposite end of the amazing VHS spectrum. They are each transcendent experiences in their own way, though I'd much rather re-watch 12 year old Rich than this.


Buddhism is apparently a "New Age" religion. Ha.


That guys mustache stole the scene.


Who knew Keith Hernandez was so religious?


Clearly you were never forced to attend an evangelical church camp ... we used to have 3 or 4 exorcisms a week. (Personally, I think one girl feigned possession to get out of mess hall duty.)


Well don't get upset folks I'm sure the 'demon' realized his mistake of forgetting to come out of the hole in the wall and go back in when he heard the name Jesus, he truly apologizes. Shame on the Christians for showing a man and a woman in bed together for goodness sakes they might have been fornicating! The woman in the video was given 'clean the church for a month duty' for using the Lords name in vain [Oh my God} The man was found guilty of sporting a 1970's porno mustache. Also don't forget a Christians best weapon against a demon is a box of crayons,a piece of paper,and some tape, which every good Christian should always keep in a dresser drawer in their bedroom. The demon is still having trouble finding the hole in the wall. I'm sure he will find it sooner or later. All Christians take this as a warning that Buddhism is a new age religion that's only around a thousand years old or so. Now that you have the total breakdown of the video,we will see you in church on Sunday, well..., I'm sure there will be someone there to see you, but it won't be me I'm going to be too busy helping the demon find that hole in the wall :)

Vanessa M

Silly Buddhist. Everyone knows to get rid of a demon you burn cilantro.

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