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September 09, 2010



I missed your ANTM pre-cycle analysis (I couldn't trust my own first impressions enough to even make my fantasy team--and yes, ANTM is the only game I know well enough to have a fantasy team for) so I'm glad to know what you've been doing with yourself instead. Getting those pictures was time well-spent. I might have nightmares about the squid arm.


Your aunt sounds like a dream!


No matter how trivial everything on the internet is, your contributions mean so much to all of us readers. That and keyboard cat. Can't forget keyboard cat. Watching ANTM last night my husband said, "Rich didn't do his first post did he?" I answered with, "No, he hasn't. He must be doing something much more important." Glad to see that you actually were.


I'm pretty sure the guy next to Hendrix is Cab Calloway...So current!


Oh my goodness, I lurk far too much and comment too little, but I just had to take a minute and tell you how much of your brilliant pop culture insight is stored here

in the hard drive of my heart.

Oh, man that was so cheesy that it made me laugh, but it's (actually) true.


is your aunt my mom?


I might be married to one of your sisters (unbeknownst to me) because your aunt sounds like my mother in law.



Your Aunt is a trip.

Love you Rich!!

Leah C.

That Duke Ellington looks like Cab Calloway to me!


I'm guessing Cab Calloway too. And Ray Charles looks like a zombie.


I love your aunt but would probably hate her if I knew her. No offense. She's like my grandma (and I can't stand her and her damn inquisitiveness). Maybe she's secretly a private detective.


Good guess on the first Whitney -- I stared at it for a good minute and could only come up with Josie Cotton. And is the second Mariah maybe Shakira?


Sorry about your computer woes, Rich. I always love visiting your blog and read your clever and hilarious posts! Your aunt sounds like a trip.


Ok, the Dirk Diggler one made me actually laugh out loud. I wonder, is it really supposed to be Mick Jagger maybe? lol

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Amazing!! these photos are really the work of a genius.

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I'm glad you're more comfortable accepting your accomplishment. I remember the first few years this time came around you were all "I'm not important at all, but..."


*Walgreens! And oh my Rich, you sound very overwhelmed. Don't worry too much, you're good at what you do and are valued!!! <3

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Should I vacuum while you cook?

Hugs to you over the loss of your files.


Pretty sure the Duke Ellington/Harry Belafonte guy is actually Steve Harvey. Woah.

Grad Kid

Sorry to hear about your computer - but I think this will cheer you up

(Not made by me, just passing it along)


AH! Mockingjay! I liked Hunger Games...but I'm not sure I like it enough to buy the second one...still on the fence. Do me a favor and review the whole series. People need to know there are alternates to the Twilight series and Harry Potter when it comes to young adult lit.


rich, you are awesome. i've been reading fourfour for five years (starting with the antm cycle where nicole "uM EW" won) and you are just consistently hilarious and smart and i love kitty cats too (winston!). youtube is such a bitch for taking your stuff down since they make the internet a better place, but don't get discouraged about that stuff cus you definitely have loyal readers who love you. yeah :)


don't even know. Duke Ellington? Harry Belafonte?

My first thought was Eddie Murphy... you know, when he was a singer.


Sometimes when I am in Wildwood, I play a game called, "Who the fuck is that supposed to be?" while waiting to ride the Musik Express. You ruined it for me, Rich :(

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