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October 11, 2010



Rich! I thought for sure you'd point out Liz's crazy vag arms in that shot where she's lying down.


Just realized that Kayla is really Amy Poehler.


I swear they played music from Sims3 when Kacey was receiving her runway reward jewelry.

There was no way in hell Ann's photo was the best of those...sorry, I like Ann, but she looks like a seven foot tall praying mantis in that shot.


Is any one else completely sick of Ann? I liked her at first, but damn, I hate the undeserved attention she is getting! I KNOW this means she isnt going to win, which is the only reason I can go on without breaking my tv the next time she wins top picture without deserving it. Kayla is kicking ass, and deserving top spot. She'll probely win. I mean, they keep adding her talking about being the first openly gay winner... I think she'll win first prize. And if her girl doesnt want her with her raspy voice and adorable red hair ( I love it!) I'll take her.


YAY Gayla!


Thank you for clearing up the Lawn Doctor confusion. I actually sat there for awhile wondering if that's really a status career that people would gawk at before I realized, hey, she probably didn't say "Lawn Doctor."

Every time I see Ann, I think of the McPoyle sister from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Again another fun filled ANTM recap that makes me smile ear to ear. :) Thanks Rich.

Nina N

I think Ann was picked by TPTB from the beginning. She'll probably have a few appearances in the Bottom 2, and then she will overcome her obstacles and win. I don't know, I like her. Jane is so gorgeous, though, and I'd ultimately like to see her win. I don't think Kayla looks like a model at all. If Cynthia Nixon and Ronald McDonald mated, Kayla would be their offspring.

Also, that video clip made my cat jump about two feet in the air. Mad props!

Dennis Chin

Love these recaps. Makes my Monday so much better!

Some thoughts:

That Asian male model is so hot. Anybody able to dig up his name and agency? (I tried but failed)

Also, Kacey's walk is pretty fierce.

And Kayla for the win!

Vanessa M

Ah, nothing like teaching these girls about the real world of modeling like having them model on conveyor belts and pose on roller coasters. I can't wait till they need to look fierce while getting their appendix removed with only a shot of tequila and a ball gag for anesthesia.


That conveyor belt, ugh, and putting some of those girls in long dresses... what the hell? They hate them, don't they? This season is the worst yet and unfortunately not in a good way. Ann is being set up to fall, no doubt (hope not, I still like her well enough).

Always enjoy your recaps and gifs, Rich, and your tv boyfriend is hot.


Really? NOTHING about Liz's vagina arm?


I also had a train of thought that went something like. "Lawn doctor? Hmm. Didn't realize that was such an upper middle class sort of thing. Maybe he runs a long-established family business with lots of employees and.... Why am I thinking about this? I don't give a rat's ass."

Dandy Darkly

I can see now Ann is totally headed towards a massive nervous breakdown.

As a Top Model historian, I do think the new addition of first picture and digital art status has added a level of competition that was sorely missing from the previous cycles. I also liked the one instance where Tyra brought 3 girls before her and amped the 1st prestige even further.

But... bleh... this show has become snoresville. Who gives a shit about the first 6 or 8 girls kicked off anyways?

And it's time to add Male Models to the competition. Do it Tyra. Give yourself another "For the First Time Ever" moment.

And bring back Janice Dickenson. Could you imagine her and ALT on panel together?


I thought Jane said her dad was a Long-Docker! (Something akin to a long shoreman, perhaps?) I guess was kind of confused as to why the other girls were oohing and ahhing...


How about Tyra calling Lucha Libre "Nacho Libre"?


Ann is throwing me MAJOR Jarvis Cocker vibes lately:



Don't you dare steal my Asian-model boyfriend! :)

Hair Dryer

I love how you add the gifs in order to tell the story.

Ann looks as though she is pretty close to the breaking point.


The best part of this recap was your idea about Kate Gosselin. She needs to do a community theater production of Labyrinth IMMEDIATELY. In Spandex. I would watch that until I died of malnourishment or old age or euphoria, or all three. Maybe Jon could be Jennifer Connelly's character... omg!?


I'm getting sick and tired of Ms. Jay's eyebrows this seasons. They haunt my nightmares. If you're going to pencil them in, at least do it right.


ty rich :)

and omg ive lost concentration of the girls cuz i was too focused on yet anoter shirtless episode with male models.



hmmm from these comments it seems the asian guy has many fans :P

well im willing to share :P

he is hot!!! wow nice!


I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fired from my job, as it was dead silent, I was quietly scrolling through this post, laughing to myself, when I reached the moving version of Ann's photo.

I think it sounded like this:


niiiice uncle muscle ref. flawless.

Gingy Duluth

Kayla= Debra Messing.

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