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Ann in this round looks just like Zorak.

Nitro Muscle Mass

Hmmmmmmmmm, nice pictures,
Nitro Muscle Mass


Ann is starting to look like a Manson girl.


That isn't Uncle Muscles. That's Casey.

Uncle Muscles is the host, played by Weird Al.

That's really all of worth I have to contribute.


She DOES look like Zorak!!


actually...this may be the nerdiest thing I've ever typed on the internet, but Tim's character with the eyebrows is from the band "Casey & His Brother" (& thus, I'm not entirely sure if he's Casey, or if Eric is). Uncle Muscles is Weird Al Yankovic.

...but nevertheless, Aunt Muscles is clearly a superior nickname for Miss J than whatever the above information would initiate. :) keep up the good work, Rich!


You have no idea how mad I was when they called Ann first. I've been tired of seeing her get first every week because I don't think she's that great of a model and finally shde did horrible. But no, Tyra still picks her first. REALLY Tyra? THAT was the best picture? Her favoritism is extremely obvious. /endrant.

Miss Lisa

At this point I'm convinced that everyone who produces this show is either on Adderall or Xanax, or a combination of both. There can be no other explanation for the insanity and posturing. I stopped watching a couple years ago but I check in to catch the GIFs here. I still need my entertainment after all. Keep on keeping on.


Kayla = Roger Klotz


I thought for sure they were going to call out Ann at panel for breaking down under pressure at the photoshoot. And then they actually praised her for it because she was upset because she was afraid of disappointing them. They are totally favoring her right now. Which probably means next week they'll rip her down for doing the exact same thing. Contradictory advice, thy name is Tyra.


I loved how pleased Tyra and Andre were at Ann's masochistic self-flagellation.


I heard Long-Docker too lol lmao


I'm sorry, but has anyone else noticed Ann's (slightly disturbing) protruding Adam's apple?


"Can you imagine a career path more pathetic than Kim Stewart impersonator? Yesterday's nobody impersonated today." Cracked my shit up my friend. Awesome!!!!


Rich, you got a dubious shout out on Lexie's formspring.

I like Lexie, but it stirred up surprisingly loyal feelings towards you. How can she seem ANTM savvy and not be aware of you?


White Mousse Pocky... lawd lawd, I thought I'd wet myself. You are brilliant Rich.


GRETCHEN! They did play Sims 3 music.

Also, this was an extra awesome post.


No. Kayla is Tracey Ullman.

And Aunt Muscle? I was DYING! Perfect.


Uncle Muscle! AHHHH! I love you.


I like to think the Rich has left the vag arms in fourfour history- they are hilarious but I've developed a concern about my own torso vaginas. One more insecurity to add to the list, courtesy of my favourite blogger! Rich you are greatttt- I would have given up on this programme ages ago if it weren't for your recaps


Yesss Asian male model unf thanks for that screencap


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Where are where is the new recapppp?


Anyways i told this guy i like him, he did not tell anyone but earlier i wrote this note so i gave it to my bff so she could give it to him.

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