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Lexie's response when somebody on Formspring linked her to this post:

"Hahaha that was clearly written from their grandma's basement. Does anyone even read that blog?"


Knight Sticks E-Cig

Dis Lexie looking so cute in all pics and she is very good actress and i like her acting and i am so big fan of Dis Lexie.


Lexie would be on the birth certificate for the first name (for a girl). Honestly what do you think of it? What would you rate the name Lexie on a scale of 1-10?

 Force Factor

Hey! She is looking very critical and dangerours, But thats a very funny and nice.

Force Factor

 Force Factor

Kind of a bad idea to send a note because now people might read it. Umm, so if people already read the note, there will be some drama.
Force Factor


hi this is funy video all acteress is take a enjoy. i like it.


hi i can say it feel like we're getting set up to watch her unravel. It may already have started:
Perricone MD Cold Plasma


the .gif of Chris' mouth dropping had me laughing uncontrollably for many minutes.....

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