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"It gets better" doesn't translate to Finnish pretty well, so here the local campaign is called Kaikki muuttuu paremmaksi, which, roughly translated, means "Everything gets better". Now that's quite a promise, isn't it?

Emily H.

Honestly, this post seems like needless cynicism to me. Yes, it's crass for celebrities/straight people to jump on this bandwagon. But I'm surprised that this post & some commenters are disputing the idea that gay life gets much better after the teenage years. It isn't way, way better to be able to be able to choose your city, choose your friends, choose your religion (or lack thereof), have a non-hidden romantic relationship, have your own home/privacy, & have your own money/transportation so that you can leave hateful people behind? The vids aren't claiming adult life is perfect or that homophobia becomes fun to deal with. They're pointing out that when you're an adult, you have opportunities for happiness, & the homophobic bullies no longer control your life. This could be a huge deal for a kid who's in a fundie religious community, or is getting the message that all gays are outcasts/get AIDS/die alone.

"I doubt that a YouTube video is going to change anyone's mind or life." Why? All sorts of things shape a person's view of the world, including TV, movies, videos, songs, newspaper articles, & probably online videos. I think most of us would agree that homophobic messages on TV/movies/news media can negatively affect the way gay kids see themselves; why not positive messages as well?

"I think that when you're young, the last thing you want to do is listen to old people telling you about yourself." Despite their veneer of sophistication, teenagers like to can be vulnerable, & they're hungry for info about what their future life might be. I mean, there are a lot of Christian teens in this country who are willing to accept their church's teachings about the way the world works, despite the probable lameness of their pastor's "rap sessions." A teenager raised by liberal atheists is going to see the world differently than one raised in Mormon Utah, & it's not because either of them had hip, eXXXtreme parents and teachers. Most of culture and discourse is old & uncool; that doesn't stop it from influencing us.

"I worry about what happens when the meme is dead." It will seem lame & dated. In the future, the idea that a gay life can be happy & fulfilling will hopefully seem more obvious, & less in urgent need of being pointed out. So what? The more a movement succeeds, the more its slogans seem corny & obvious. That's all to the good.

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