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October 04, 2010



Ugh that cake thing confused me so much! I was waiting for the punchline to the end of that obvious finger-lickig skit and it never came?!
And there was absolutely nothing wrong with Rihanna's photo whereas Liz's was the kind of thing that usually gives Tyra an excuse to go on about doo-doo face all over again. Eww.


I felt like Tyra was eating the cake to prove that she is not starving herself (even though she is way thinner than when she did that "Kiss my fat ass!" rant).


Is it just me, or do the girls seem like the least-appealing bunch ever? Like Rich said, even the ones that are supposed to be conventionally hot fall flat for some reason. Maybe I've just been watching ANTM for too long? I mean, there's always one girl in the pack who is unusual-beautiful, but all of these girls seem just below that catagory.


The elimination order was ridiculous, but I guess that what ANTM is all about.


I don't get the love about Chris's photo. It looked like she had a headache and was being harassed.


Oh Rich. Please make a gif out of Tyra's cheap spidey mask of horror.



I want to know why Kayla wasn't called much, much sooner. I thought her picture was better than most.


I found it ironic that Chris had such a reaction to roller-coasters. She lives in Arlington, TX, the home of Six Flags over Texas. That is practically the only thing there. I guess she was the kid on school trips who hung out with the chaperones and never went on any of the rides.


Those job possibilities for Kayla and her cherry hair were DEAD ON. Hysterical!


i am so happy u got chelsey on the coaster, all of the sudden her casper reference from the 1st photoshoot makes so much sense. Maybe it wasn't her pale skin as much as it was the demon living inside of her.


Oh my god, great call on Rolston's doppleganger status on Mayor Quimby

Love it!

Vanessa M

Male models come over and no one cheats on their boyfriend? No formerly socially awkward "But I'm EuroPEan" wallflower gets drunk and slobbers on one and her sorta lesbigay bubble bath bff has to intercede? Instead we get middle school dance segregation? What bullshit is this?

Seriously what was the deal with that cake? I was really confused by that scene. Maybe it was supposed to be funny. Tyra's sense of humor is a little underdeveloped after all.

I loved during the judging that first Tyra confirms Chelsie reminds her of Nicole Paige Brooks too. Then, tells the poor girl with the anime hair she can be a cartoon...or a country singer. Random?

(This American Life also reran your episode this weekend.)


did you notice how crappy was the tea Tyra prepared for the Ladies? she took a nice china tea set, and just put the tea bags inside the cups, instead of using the teapot. that looked like her very first tea in her life!

Kevin Babbles

"Chelsey's secret is that she sleeps with a night light...and is host to a demonic presence."

I appreciate the throwback reference. What I wouldn't give for the silly drama of Nik and Jayla. Or even another energy drink fiasco.


I also thought Tyras eating was gonna end in a joke. Then she just left. To purge? What?

Golden J

Who is the male model on the far left of the pic you posted? He looked like a hot, buffer Robin Thicke, and I liked it.

trick please

and I will always love you too Rich, for all the wonderful recaps


Has anyone else noticed how the octopus tentacle appears to be growing out of Kacey's palm?


I thought Rolston's creepy 'evaluation' of the girls pre-photo shoot was going to be some kind of challenge. Like... testing their endurance for super harsh criticism of their looks? Turns out, he's just a raging creepster asshole. And god bless that beautiful gizzard A.T.L. and his flowing, silken robes. He looks like a cross between a geisha and Lucius Malfoy.


It gave me a total moment of young Ira Glass when I heard you (serendipitously! unexpectedly! nice nice nice!) on This American Life this week... FABULOUS piece, Rich! Uber-kudos! You just go on bein' a little bad boy! ;)


This recap made me laugh even more than usual, so yay for you! But what the hell is a MagaLINE?
Is that when Tyra changes what a website is called so she can pretend she invented it or something? Or does she think she now has the power to invent words and make them real since, god help us, smize seems to have caught on?

Pure Cleanse

Im an attractive girl, in shape, smart, and funny. But I always get placed into the friend zone with guys i meet.

Pure Cleanse

Why the hell is she weeping..? Even I feel like weeping seeing her face.

Scott Free in 4-D

"Chelsey's secret is that she sleeps with a night light...and is host to a demonic presence." I love it when you call back to previous seas---er, cycle. I can barely stand this show anymore, but your recaps keep me coming back for more. You know we were all waiting for the "Tyra hungry!" .gif wall.

MOn - you mentioned how crappy Tyra's tea was. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the damn tea bags. All I could think was "Bitch, you've travelled the world, you run this TV show, and you can't even make a proper tea." She's such a disgrace.


i hated all the photos this week. but i did like your reference to the "secret" of using a night light. :)

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