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October 29, 2010


Vanessa M

Winston may have a snail's bonhomie but not its drive to work those antennae.


That snail is perfect!! And is it really too late to find some nude pantyhose at the pharmacy? Cats in hosiery are never not funny. I've clicked on that 2007 photo three times already and laughed each time.


Winston Snail is adorable! I want a Cinnabon now. When my cat sits like that I think he looks like the ass-end of a Batmobile.


OH MY STARS AND GARTERS! I am in love with Win-Snail! :)


This is ADORABLE. your bf is the best


Winnie could teach those bitches on ANTM a thing or two - he is a frickin supermodel genius.

Love love love his costumes and look forward to it every year.


ahhh so adorable! I love all the past ones, too, they had me cracking up.


genius. but he doesn't look very happy, hope it's not lack of personality!


dude he hates that. how fantastically adorable.

Monica (aka monnibo)

He is PERFECT! Now I'm convinced I must dress up my cat Henry. Henry is just as floopy and trusting as Winston, but he isn't fond of clothing.


Awesome use of cat as snailio. But poor Rudy. He got a rock.


Now my Halloween happiness is complete.

Winnie, I wouldn't need garlic and butter to EAT YOU UP! You're tasty enough as-is.


truly, the most wonderful time of the year.


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Your blog is so funny that I can not help to finish it front and back. It is of help during my boring work.


It looks like a real cat...


God I love that cat.


Your boyfriend is incredibly talented. Also, this: "and partly because it's about damn time we put this thing in a dress." made me snort fruit juice. Cheers Rich :).


For lorrrrn.


winston is the tsundere neko poster boy


I wrote you (or Win) at twitter on this. I want to say it here as well:

Your boyfriend (Mr. Mysterious) is a friggin' genius! Thank him so much for the yearly fun - and all the fun in between!

*smooch* y'all!


I looooove Winnie, he must be a cousin of my cat, seriously. They look very alike, except my cat has more of a Siamese nose, but otherwise they could be immediate family.
Awesome job on the costume, it made my day!

Andy S. aka 'O'

Rudy thinks the day is for Satanists & sinners anyway ,right? so no real loss here ;3


Thank you, now my Halloween is complete! You guys should know, you are really performing a great public service with the Winston and Rudy posts, especially their Halloween costumes. They totally make my blue eyes brown! er, well, that doesn't really work in reverse, but you know what I mean. Winnie and the Rude rule!


winston is the best part of halloween for me! it's hard to choose, but I think the glo worm costume is my favorite (so far!). which one did winston like the most (dislike the least)?

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