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Force Factor

It is a cute cat!! I wanna rear this in my home.

Denise Conner

My burning question: how many hairballs did he leave on your pillow that evening? Oh how he hated being in that costume!


oh my god, he breaks my heart!!!!!!!!

YOU HAVE A NEW CAMERA... WINNIE IN HI-RES... a new era!!!! we need more videos immediately.


The fact that Winston has not tried to kill you in your sleep is a Halloween miracle.

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hahaha, can see why you want to dress up winston as a snail, but he does look awfully cross


I can't believe how much happiness your cat brings me. He makes me laugh so hard.

Christian Audigier

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You should know that the second picture of Snail Winston is now my desktop background. And I'm not obsessed at all.

Leslie K.

I call the pose in the second photo the "meatloaf." My cat ALWAYS sits like this and so we call it "meatloafin'" but you're right: he does look like a snail too!

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Holy Cuteness

Haha, poor Winston doesn't look happy....

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They totally make my blue eyes brown! er, well, that doesn't really work in reverse, but you know what I mean. Winnie and the Rude rule!

olive oil skin

It's the cutest cat i've seen! Actually, im in adopting one this week.


happy hallowen.
the cat is funny :-)

Ieshy S

She look so adorable. I would buy some accessories for my cat too.

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