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October 25, 2010



I love Ann's sears portraits. especialy the one as the father of a psycho family

MJ McStabby

Liz is such a hosebeast! Gaw! Hate her. Still love Ann, Kayla, and Esther. Don't let me down, girls! Or if you do, do it with FLARE.


I thought I was the only one who noticed how hot I am when I am brushing my teeth. Maybe it's time to start flossing in public. Fame and riches will surely follow.


Oh I don't get Ann in the slightest ... Jane I have great hopes for - girl is lush. Also have great hopes for more Janice-style behaviour from Liz. BRING BACK JANICE! SHE WOULD EAT ALT ALIVE! (Quite possibly literally)


When I saw ALT stick his tongue out, my immediate thought was "I can't wait to see what Rich has to say about that!"


Esther isn't just the girl with the Judaism 'thing', she's the girl with with ginormic boobs thing. That was her, right? The editors havn't lingered on that too much, I guess the next time it comes up she'll be kicked off.


I agree with Mon; Ann's Sears portraits were genius.

Of course as soon as I saw ALT's gif; I was thinking god help everyone if I have a dream of him licking pussy...

but then you had three pics of the prettiest photographer this show has ever had (it took 15 cycles for someone to dethrone Michael Rosenthal). Francesco can butcher the language all he wants as long as he does it with his shirt off


I feel like a huge loser for getting so emotional over something so stupid, but I got so angry when the judges kept harping on Jane for apparently being ignorant about designers and the fashion industry when it was never mentioned (I believe) that she didn't know who Marc Jacobs was, and Liz had never heard of John Galliano. Not being able to impersonate another person doesn't mean you've never heard of him/her! GAH. So basically, I agree--this shoot was awful and dumb.


That gorgeous photographer's mother is the editor in chief of Vogue Italia.

Also that stylist lady looks unnervingly like Angelica Huston in The Witches about to eat a child....


Liz as Galliano makes me feel like both the dudes from Road to El Dorado were smushed into one person. With a dash of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Vanessa M

I fear they are setting Ann up for some epic breakdown so it's starting to make my stomach hurt when they showcase her having a disproportionate sad over disappointing Tyra or not getting called first.

I pretty much could cut and paste my complaints about Tyra's nonsensical advice but it was kind of epicly bad this week, no? Even worse, poor Kendall tried to earnestly process the nonsense, failed and declared herself a failure for it.

Does it seem fair that some girls got no brainers like Caroline Herrara and some had to do drag? Really, shouldn't they all have been in drag or all have been posing as female designers? And how the fuck do you pose as Vera Wang?


what about the you are the Verb, Model not Mo-del.

otherwise great!


Chelsey as Caroline Herrara looks like CC from "The Nanny" http://www.niles-and-cc.com/Bilder/cc-5_b.jpg


This was such a good post. And I LOVED Francesco! They need him every other episode, or so. But yes, silent. Though his accent was at least adorable.

And even though Liz does annoy the crap out of me, I kind of want to do her. And I'm a straight girl. Color me confused.

Golden J

Francesco Carrozzini is going to haunt my dreams.


The Ann catalogue photos slayed me


Vanessa, I always hate when they set up shoots where the styling is so disparate because jackasses like Liz just have to walk on set to "nail" the image, while Jane, Esther and Kendal get three people who don't either look like circus clowns or Carolina Herrera and get raked over the coals.

I feel pretty confident that both Jane and Kendal knew who Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang are but how do they embody "middle-aged rich person with no distinguishable characteristics?" Well, they do it poorly then get told to learn who their designer is.

Also, if they're going to dress up long-haired women like short-haired men...at least be assed to properly style them. Both Ann and Jane had their hair bunned up on the back of their head with the wig plopped on top. How are they supposed to model through that.

Soley Iceland

great recap as usual!

A tad off topic but I'm bursting for some clarification:

when the cycle started it was all about "THE COVER OF VOGUE ITALIA" and lately i've noticed that during the prizes monologue tyra has reduced it to "a spread in vogue italia, and the cover and additional spread in beauty in vogue"

so it's not the cover of vogue, but just some side pamphlet??
can anyone elaborate?


It was definitely Esther about whom Nigel said "I see you so much, but at the same time it looks like you're in costume. And I can't get past that." In the grand ANTM tradition of head-exploding contradictory critiques from the judges, this was followed up by Francesco Carrozzini telling Esther that when she plays a role, even though she is pretending to be someone else she can't lose herself.


I think that Liz's look in the photo shoot is Captain Jack Sparrow + V for Vendetta.


I thought that Ann said the reason she chose Chelsea's dress was because it was the only thing she could find that was long, flowy, and black - which is what Chelsea wanted.


Esther on set this week = Adam Lavine


Val = comment ftw! But any The Nanny reference is fine by me...
My main gripe this week was the horribly nonsensical "girl who's going home quite possibly because she didn't know who her designer is" comment directed to girls who (as Vanessa and Dina pointed out above) were given objectively harder to portray designers and then moments later, we find Liz being (undeservedly) praised to the heavens and winning (can't remember if she did because who cares) the top digital art fotoblahbleeblah despite saying, multiple times, that she doesn't know who John Galiano is. So yeah, what everyone else said: I agree! And I know that trying to find logic or coherence in this show is a worthless pursuit but I can't help it.
Rich, I don't know how you're managing to recap these ... I feel like this is the most boring cycle in the history. of. America's. next. top. model. But bless your heart anyway...


Awesome! I'm surprised you didn't mention Tyra's little anecdote about her posing naked with Nigel as photographer though. :P


Ann looks like like Eminem in that picture!! Why am I the only one to notice that?

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