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My neighbor 2 floors below heard me guffawing repeatedly while reading this. Well done, sir.


I'm going to use the Ann-with-cat image as my wallpaper. And not just my computer--I mean the wallpaper in my house.

Jodie Whalo

Fantastic! I nearly choked on my cigarette at Ann's Sears portrait avec le chat.

I sometimes hate myself for loving this show so much. However, I can't help but delight in idiots tearing each other apart for a prize that will most likely hinder rather than help their chances at success in a career that does nothing except feed a giant behemoth of a corporate monster.


I can't tell if you were being sarcastic or not, but I totally agree with your belief people are more attractive when brushing their teeth. I think its the wrinkles of the forehead; it just looks adorable on most people.

I also agree very much with your non-ironic one man pretty party for the week. Francesco Carrozzini is definitely one of the most attractive guest photographers they've had on this show. Too bad he had to shoot such a shitty photoshoot.


I was thinking that Ann looks like Tilda Swinton but I am not so sure anymore after this week's Sears photos LOL


Awesome recap, thanks. Did anyone else feel as uncomfortable as I did when Tyra mentally raped Nigel in the backstage pre-panel segment? And then did you see his uncomfortable smirk when she introduced him? Classic!

Grace O

I am confused by Liz's and Chris' photo remarks by the panel. Granted, I don't 'know John', but according to panel Lizs portrayal was on point. I don't know Betsey either but I've actually seen a lot more of her. Jumping with huge smile? Betsey Johnson written all over it.

I'm sure if I had the energy to look I could find a photo of Betsey in such a pose. Yet Chris didn't get the accolades that Liz did. I was actually waiting for this recap hoping that you would have a side-by-side of an actual Betsey photo of her jumping with Chris' picture from the show.

Not that my opinion counts in the absured world of Top Model. But I think Chris' picture was much more 'Betsey' than Liz's was 'John'.


The Ann Sears cat photo is gold


Yay! It's Tuesday, the highlight of my week.


Oh, I'm so glad someone else knows about the toothbrush thing! I often wish I could brush my teeth all day.

And, yeah, Francesco. So cute, so silly.

Kendal was robbed.


@Krista I totally said that when I watched it! nice one!


As usual, I got in trouble at work for laughing too loud at your recaps. Spot on. However, I must point out that Marc Jacobs can moDUUUL. Snap.


seriously, Francesco Carrozzini is the hottest thing. Bring back him and the son from the previous week to ignite the photoset. LOL. And I almost laughed seeing Esther's sign as I thought it was a maxipad.


Someone on Jezebel really nailed Liz's John Galliano: "They see John Galliano, I see Jafar in a Barbie wig."

Now I can't not see it!


Krista you are totally right! I was thinking Tilda Swinton, but you hit the nail right on the head, Ann looks like Eminem!


I thought Ann was channelling Mr. Mathers the moment her pale face came on the screen. I'm sooooooooo over the Ann thing.

I'm rooting for Liz; there's just something about her that I like.

However, I was ROFL @ Liz's John Galliano: "They see John Galliano, I see Jafar in a Barbie wig."



I was appalled that Kendall was sent home over Esther. Kendall is fucking gorgeous, so I am sure she'll get snapped up by an agency very quickly; legs for days, and plenty of torso left over to pull off mom jeans!
Esther is not a model. And will someone please tell her to close her mouth? She is a mouf-breava if there ever was one, and I'd hate to get downwind of her breath. Francesco even had to tell her to close her mouth, but that didn't last long, just look at her "best shot."
I hope Kendall goes on to become the next Iman, and give Tyra no credit for her success!


"I loved Kayla's open disdain for her requested Grammy garb"

OMG, Kayla looks like a judge exposed to an awkward moment at panel in that clip!!!

Reservoir Kitten

Ye gods.
Other than the manly looking liz getting painted and passing for a man that paints himself as a character in his own right - the women as male designers were ludicrous. Give them something they can work with - where's that old b@stard Lagerfeld or even an Alexander Mc Queen (RIP). At least they could be mimicked.

Meh on the rest of the shoot - well almost all of it I think Chris's Betsy was spot on.

If nothing else Rich's Ann's Sear's/JC Penny portraits were worth the effort of tuning in.

They should have bagged Esther - I still don't understand why they thing she is a good model...


Is Ann Ken Burns long lost little brother? Without the facial scruff?


Francesco Carrozzini <3


OMG I love reading your recaps, they're so funny. And I so agree with the thing about what Jay said to Chelsey's size 12 dress.


Oh and I also think Mr Jay was bragging when he said he knew John. Yeah, we really wanted to know that.


I'm calling it right now. Top three- Jane, Ann and Kayla.

What the Holy Heck

I'm not a big fan of Chris, but she freaking NAILED Betsey Johnson. I have no idea what they're smoking that they didn't see that.

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