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October 01, 2010



I mostly agree, but "He's gonna show her what the Situation's all aboot," made me pretty happy.


Couldn't agree more with the forced scenarios of this season. When I heard it was renewed I was mad because I thought they should have all these reality shows with no point only last one season, and move on to a different locale. They were always douchebags, but now their entitled douchebags, and I can't watch anymore. Peace out Jersey Shore! Will watch season 1 with fond memories. (But while we're at it, you can drop the Top Model recaps too, that show's ship has sailed like 5 years ago!)

brickhouse brown

I completely disagree. You guys are taking the show too seriously.


I agree with brickhouse brown, you guys are taking the show way too seriously. Please don't stop recapping :( Jersey Shore and your recap of Jersey Shore are literally all I have going for me right now. Please don't kill my happiness.


I thought for sure I'd see some .gifs of Jwoww chewing her cud today.

Tashina S.

Can't stand the way they all treat Angelina. Granted, she is vile as well, but the superiority complex they have over her is sickening. I try not to take the show seriously, but that doesn't mean I have to like anybody I am watching anymore. And when they are ALL starting to be unlikeable, there is no sense in tuning in.


Wow, you've been doing ANTM for years, even though you've confessed you're sick of it. I haven't watched this season of Jersey Shore but it must be really REALLY bad for you to stop recapping.


RIP Jersey Shore recaps. I respect your decision, Rich, although I cannot devote enough thought to decide if I agree or not. After all, I only read your recaps because I cannot bear to watch.

Possibly, I like you more now that you've moved on.


I love that you made the decision to walk away. I will be a fangirl and say I would have read your recaps, though last week's episode was my breaking point.

I know it's not TV, music, or film, but maybe you can review Snooki's novel? :D


That sucks. I really like the recapped.

You may not agree with it but the double standard is the truth. Guys that gets alot of ass are admired...girls that do it are whores. Its their own fault. Most guys admire guys that get pussy, because we know the work involved. Most girls don t respect other girls that do it, because, well, they know it really doesnt take any work for a girl to get laid.

Oh well, I can live with that double standard.


The only good thing about Jersey Shore is what Japan renamed it:

"The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals".


Tashina S.

Wow, what a disgusting comment Nick. I hope you never get laid again.


NOOOOOOOo dont stoppppppppp


Well, this just gives me a big case of the sads. At this point, I watch Jersey Shore with the idea that I get to read your recaps the next day. It's like seeing the sunshine after a brutal storm.


None of you are too good for Jersey Shore. None. Of. You. I respect your decision to quit recapping, and in fact I'm glad because it was tuning into uncharacteristic sanctimonious blather disguised (more and more carelessly) as comedy. If you don't like J.S., fine, great, here's a cookie! But don't act like its beneath you. Or do. Whatever. But don't come here to read/write about a show you feel you're above because obviously, if you're here reading/writing about it (regardless if you're watching the show or not) it's worth your time in some way. Thanks for your honesty Rich, and I totally understand where you're coming from. I'd much rather read funny shit you write about the shitty shit you like to shit on most because it's shitacular. Don't feel pressured into writing recaps for something you don't enjoy because they are not funny and, in fact, come off as snotty and obnoxious. I think the real asslickers here are those who comment saying, "Oh Rich, I'm so glad YOU watch this crap and affirm my belief that I am way too good for this show, because I just can't bring myself to stoop down to this level blueblueblah..." Give me a break. Let me have Jersey Shore, okay? Okay! Thanks, love you!


Noooooooo!!!! Can you please at least GIF the Snooki bomb that occurred when Pauly and his Miami girl were talking in the club?! It was easily the best moment of the season. Much better than the Vinny bomb two epis back.


Man Rich, judging from the comments some of your readers feel really entitled to these recaps/gifs. That must be much more annoying to you than it is to me

Good decision on your part with this (though I never liked Jersey Shore)


I am truly pained to see that there are some who believe that all you do is recap episodes. I read because I value your insight and it enables me to see different things from new perspectives. There can be no new insight when the subject matter becomes:
Same Shit/Different Day. It's reached the point where doing so would be like recapping Roadrunner cartoons; except people like the Roadrunner. You know?

Too bad. This season could have been so much better if only they had a duckphone.


Well, I will miss the recaps. I find myself watching JS and ANTM and guessing at what you will say. But thank you for the good times!
I feel like a Jersey Shore Junkie: Season 1 was entertaining and fun to watch, but now I am scrounging around in the alley trying to get my fix, ha ha.


damn again elise says everything before i can get here. this was the first blog i went to every fri. i would have stopped sooner but just came to check out the gifs. nearly 7mil people disagree with your elitist, pretentious ass

Rodrigo V

those recaps were the single reason I read this blog. farewell then.


Well, Elise sure knows "sanctimonious blather" when she writes it. I mean sees it ...


Rich - I have loved you for many years now. Your decision to stop recapping this tripe has made me love you even more (if that were even possible). More room for Trash Humpers and the like!




I am sad but I understand. I don't think any of us actually sit through the episodes - we just read the recaps. Maybe just make gif walls? Sometimes a looped image is better than the written word.

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