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October 19, 2010



So Done With Ann! The only good shot was her beauty this week, YET she wins again. It's too bad I know they are doing this to set up for that monster breakdown... for Ann, this is going to be out of left field.

Ester kinda rocked it this week. Loving her!

I'm just sayin'...

Cassandra Haircut from cycle whatever was on the season finale of Mad Men!!


I think I'm going to adopt ALT as my life coach.


nothing could be more sweeter than the return of the vag arms, though I think they look less squishier this time around.

Jodie Whalo

The stank that is Liz is nauseating. Please Tyra-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (oops!), live up to all of the shit-talk that you give Liz and kick her ass to the curb!


So tired of Liz too, Jodie. I'm still pissed that she stayed over Rhianna - not because Rhianna is amazing, but because Liz is worse.

Strangely not tired of Ann, though. She is adorable in her awkward neediness, and when she DOES break down, I hope she's able to pull herself together enough to maybe be the first person ever to get a career out of this show.


Everyone loves Ann. I'd love for her to be a spokesmodel. No one can do worse than McKey. Also, notice how Tyra dresses like a man when she's "working" like doing photographs etc. Can't a girl get some validation around here?

Will next week be the week Ann doesn't win? Oh they have me hooked!


The Requiem reference between Chris and Ellen was spot on. LOLZ


I just find that really inspiring. It makes me feel less alone. It is my own private It Gets Better video.

Laughed so hard at this comment! You're why I'm still watching the show. They should cut you a piece of the profits.


"Who is he, their cheap-ass aunt, who typically goes into store chanting, "One thing, one thing, one thing," like she's stuck on a bead in the rosary of thrift? You know, dip into the collection box of Our Lady of Smoky Eyes and let the girls have their cheap shit that they have to pretend like they're enjoying anyway. "

If it weren't for the fact that I'm married, you're not into chicks and probably also not into stalker-esque blog fans, I would marry you for writing that.


I too smiled at the It Gets Better commentary, but was the It Gets Worse vision that had me bawling with laughter. This is what being gay means after high school.


OMG! i can't believe you didn't say anything about jay's comment to chelsa that she was holding back in the shoot ... he says
"i feel like your holding back, your holding back a little ..." then pints to the male model... "he's giving me .. MANY THINGS"

i am very sure of that!!


ONE of your best ANTM to date.

Tyra would even approve ;)


So glad you mentioned the bullshit bait & switch Tyra did to Liz. Although I don't like Liz, that was a shitty thing for Tyra to do. She telling her to do it, was all into it, doing it with her, and then pushed her ass on the block and let the ax fall! That burned me up!


I was laughing out loud, I agree they do need to cut you a share of the profits. Watching the show is okay, but my favorite part is your commentary! :)

(Btw I agree who says don't take too much on a spree?? )

Dandy Darkly

Love it.


can we talk about demarchelier's craptastic photography? if they hadn't shown him holding the camera and shooting multiple times i was convinced these pics were by his 19th assistant. i mean i know it's ANTM but sheez i thought they were trying to go legit. pat's not a team player.


The top 4 should be:
-who cares


"Or, I don't know, a Wookie."

Ohhh, I hate myself for this but I can't help it.... It's Wookiee. With two E's.


That last gif came out just in time the for Christmas season, because Tyra looks EXACTLY like The Grinch. And you KNOW she wants to stop Christmas from coming, but how?

Gail L. DeLashaw

Just a few observations -
1.it's Italian Vogue. Squeeze out the Cover Girls and let Ann and Kayla fight it out.

2. I am so happy you pointed out the (lack of) styling with Chris's hair. WTF?

3. Ann's walk - she is 6'2 - that is how tall people HAVE TO walk when they are attached to people that are 5'9, the pace is different!

4. Ann's photo - UGLY - not her - he may be world famous but the composition was SHITE. I don't know how she got another top spot. ...and I am a huge fan - - - it was a bad photo.

5. Kayla - they (again) styled her one way and then she was critiqued poorly over it... Uhm, was she supposed to be giving off a fairy princess vibe in that butch outfit? ...as for the shoes not fitting - damn...she couldn't get them off at the end her feet were so swollen - should she suck it up? Yes. Should people booking models know their sizes/measurements or at least have an alternative if something is that extreme - - - NO. THEY ARE ABOVE BEING KIND TO ANIMALS.

6. Shopping Spree - someone should sit these girls down and make them watch Laverne & Shirley. Nigel too...

7. Talley is being nicer this year. Someone reads his own press...

8. Esther - sweet, beautiful young lady - poised, takes nice pictures - she could make some money doing catalog work. I don't think they would ever use her in Italian Vogue - her proportions (boobs down) are too normal and chest - wow - just wait til they do a swimsuit shot and have to pack her into something.

9. Everyone else. BLEH.

That was more than a few. Sorry.


:) this cycle needs CPR to give it some life.

btw where is that straight guy who was forced to watch this show and then came up with those drawings with his nintendo DS, they were hilarious!!! i miss them
specially the lord of the rings rosie porter one lol.....


Esther's walking like an old prospector in that gif.


Isn't one of the prizes the cover shot of Italian Vogue? Isn't it the Italian Designers who refuse to participate in the little ban against morbidly thin models? Gee....i WONDER who is being set up to win? Hmmmm. Ow my head hurts


This is so rando but I just noticed that my one of my favorite ANTM winners/brats Nicole Linkletter now models for Forever21!

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