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Kayla being in the bottom 2 instead of Liz was such bullshit.

Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker annoyed me this episode. I know! I know! Perhaps he would be less annoying if he would simply remove his shirt when he recites his Cover Girl lines.

Your church of Cover Girl metaphor made me shoot Diet Coke out of my nose, thanks.

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Hehee it was such a funny pic! Lol Esther walks like a duck!


kayla = nell campball (columbia rocky horror picture show)


@ploetzly - thank you SO much for noticing Mr. Jay's comment about the male model too!

Rich, how did you miss this? It was their crappy editors somewhow forgot to take it out. Makes me wonder what else comes out of his beautiful mouth when the cameras aren't rolling!


I can't see her crying like this.


I would love to see Ann eating umeboshi!!!


Her crying has really brought a lump to my throat as well...

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Lol.. you sure know how to make me laugh, these are funny

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