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November 29, 2010


Anne Noise

Myrtle clearly should've won.


Just a comment about Kayla's word being "queer" in whichever episode that was - according to this interview with her (done after her elimination), she actually chose "dyke" and the powers that be made her change it to something less offensive.

See Page 2:



Ohhh noooo they oppressed her! *eye roll*



Well in fairness to her, at least she didn't pick queer like it was some life-shattering insult. "Dyke" is at least a bit more harsh, I would say.



Ah, that makes do much more sense. I was more or less under the impression that "queer" had been reclaimed as political jargon in the LGBT community - not that I think it wouldn't still be hurtful if uttered in a homophobic context - but I was surprised that she seemed to have selected a word that seems to have been mainstreamed in the LGBT community, as opposed to a currently recognized slur.


I am DYING over the Myrtle gifs.


The Myrtle gifs.... I laughed so hard I nearly weed.


I totally relived Nipplegate when I saw they pixelated the bird shit.

Muscle X edge

Ha ha ha!! some of these are really very funny images.


I can not believe they censored Kayla, a homosexual woman, from using the word "dyke". How typical of ANTM to defeat the whole purpose of its own exercise by not allowing the models to reclaim the words that actually happen to be hurtful. A new level of patheticness for the show.


Myrtle = Fire Marshall Bill


Oh I can't believe you don't have a gif of jane "dancing"! And yes you're right antm is a boner killer!


I thought the first picture on this recap was Antoin Dodson...

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thanks for the laugh rich. those myrtle gifs are killer.

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Yeah cleanse whatcha talkin about? Great job as usual Rich

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