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November 08, 2010



eh, wtf was up with making the women stand around in ridiculous knitwear for the whole of judging this week? it's like they're confusing 'authetic model experience' with 'sadism'.

Andy S. aka 'O'

LMAO. this was magica, yet again. The fanny/kicking tyra gif had me DYIN'! so did that sound bite, which will soon be a ringtone. I've had to miss the past two week because of a work schedule change, but I'm still loving these!!


I like how Tyra, in typical fashion, told Liz not to change the haircut they gave her, then we had the slideshow of all her photos and she was wearing a wig in nearly every one.


As soon as I saw the "Milan" reveal I was laughing my ass off knowing that you would most likely GIF it. To my pleasant surprise we got two GIF's out of the scene. Your opening GIF (which is my hands down fav. ever cause Ms. Jay's topknot is totally threatening to jump off his head into the water) and the lesser but still hilarious GIf of Tyra airing out her fanny. What the hell was she thinking with that?

ALso did you guys notice that Tyra's hair almost swallowed Liz's face when she gave her final goodbye hug? Seriously u can see Liz's eyes and some of her cheecks and that's about it.

This recap felt short but sweet.


Jane's picture was so much better than Kayla's, who actually looked pretty blah. are they setting up for their first-lesbian-winner-in-the-history-of-America's-Next-Top-Model???


Did you notice that at the end of the Antm15_9_chelsey_sick gif Ann turns away and smiles as Chelsey looks like she's starting to go down? More to Ann than I thought...


I don't know if this is true or not, so I'm totally just being that sensationalist gossiper who is too lazy to Google, BUUUUUT I heard that when contestants are eliminated from reality competitions they don't actually "return home immediately," they just have to go live in a separate house or hotel or whatever until the filming is over, in order to avoid spoilers that would inevitably occur when people photographed or saw them out and about. It actually barely makes sense as I say it now, but it SORT OF does, and if so I feel terrible for even my least favorite contestants: they don't even get to go home but instead move on to some depressing reality TV limbo? Yeesh.

Annnnnnnnnnnyway I love this recap as much as I've loved the rest, just to seem like a sycophant as well as a conspiracy theorist kook. BUT GENUINE!


What is so bad about Jane asking for pamphlets? Isn't that a help if you want to go sight-seeing? Are you anti-sight-seeing Rich? LOL


If that's true Sally, I think that's great! I would love to spend a few extra days in Venice, Milan or Hawaii...maybe not Bangkok or Beijing LOL

Vanessa M

Do you think it's just a coincidence that Kayla revealed last week she was squeamish about posing with men and getting sexy with a man was the theme of the very next photo shoot too? God, I hope they wouldn't stoop so low to engineer that.

And, even with my nonsense filter adjusted for the ALT setting, how exactly is Chris' commercial "bombastic"? Want to know something bombastic? The words coming out of ALT's mouth.


You're right, Sally. I remember Lauren Utter talking about it -- I believe she and Kat were stuck in a hotel room for the rest of the cycle. Eliminated girls sometimes are brought along overseas and on photo shoots and challenges (i.e. they will walk in the final runway) to avoid revealing the results of the show. The girls all go home at the same time. Unfortunately, Matthew, I don't think they get to do much sight-seeing. Sounds pretty miserable to me.

Feral Torte

Norelle and Liz should get some Panda Express and watch Mulan and make it a whole Japanese theme night.

I kinda loved Kayla's nonsensical thing about being accustomed to a fabulous lesbian life because it makes me picture rococco lesbians fondling each other on a canopy bed, and honestly that's the kind of life I could get used to.


Rich, this year you are at the top of my list of things for which I'm thankful. "I think he strokes his magic wands in hope and remembrance" and "Kayla was born with a silver spoon in her vagina" had me laughing so hard I almost choked. Those phrases will be added to my vocabulary post-haste.


LOL Kayla's comment about fabulous life.
yeah i thought she lived in a sleeping bag?..

anyway your right on the $$!

gayelles aka lesbians dont live a fabulous life, its the gay guys that do...

lesbians are like home depot-ish, dont moisturise or exfoliate or wear dresses.

unless they are lipstick lesbians.

gay guys love prada, lesbians love black & decker.

Leah C.

I wanted to smash Liz's face in. Mulan is CHINESE, not Japanese! Even when she gets something wrong, it's wrong.


I can't get over how Tyra's foreshortened arm looks like a turkey leg or a drumstick in the second Tyraism picture. She's working her angles.

Lova ya Rich!

megan v

I almost spit out my coffee the moment I read "giant sphincter". You've done it yet again, Rich!!

kizzle dizzle

Brilliant as always Rich.
synonymgirl, I think she was smiling because her boob was about to slip a nip. If you watch her she's checking out the position of her top and I think she didn't expect what she saw. But maybe she is an evil lil beeyotch. Hopefully we'll know soon if she is.


Did anyone else notice the bulge in Liz's skirt in her panel photo that looks SO MUCH like a boner? That picture is heinous.


Kayla is freakin' ridiculious. Does anyone else think she may not really be gay? Would that not explain her bizarre behavior? I think she was planted there to play some sort of gay victim, which is just plain silly because there have been several gay models on the show that were perfectly ok with modeling with men and not every word out of their mouth had something to do with their sexual orientation.


1. chelsey did give liz a hug. i saw it.

2. chris actually looked good sitting fiercely on the runway in knitwear.

3. giant sphincter plus all the talk about "elimination"...?


I think at the end of the Chelsea/Anne GIF, Anne's laughing and looking behind her because it looks like her boob is out... Watch it again. Something is definitely falling down


Meg--a friend of mine grew up in Rockford with Kayla. She didn't know her well, but said that she's a Hooters waitress and she was that Hooters-waitress kind of crazy. I'm sure there's some overacting for the cameras and some editing with it, but it seems to be par for the course with Kayla.


"I've noticed that he often urges the girls to push through, as though this show is a giant sphincter. Just because America's Next Top Model is run by assholes, it doesn't mean that the show is an actual asshole. That would be weird."

lmao i couldnt stop laughing


kate, kizzle dizzle: y'all are right! ann is having some sort of wardrobe malfunction! but now watch the gif again with your eye on chelsea: its as if she catches an eyeball full of ann's boobie and then almost passes out! ha ha!!

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