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Re: Ann/Chelsea .gif: Just as Chelsea's head goes upward & Ann is turning, another hand appears from behind Ann, just above her left hand. Maybe as Ann turned into that hand, she got a reason to smile?


Has anyone noticed the map of Europe, the one that the plane flies over? Just where they could've gotten that from is beyond me. It shows Czechoslovakia properly split into Czech Republic and Slovakia (as of 1993), while the former Yugoslavia remains intact - despite the fact that it had disintegrated before that, in 1991, and is at present 7 separate nations. In other words, never in history could that map have been accurate, like, ever.

PS I for one love pamphlets and info :)


The plane animation happened in season two, too! When they also went to Milan! CHECK YER FACTS YO


The girl in the video must be out of mind that is why she is behaving like this one.


Just caught up on your recaps, which I love but haven't been reading cause this cycle's been a real snooze-fest. The recaps may be better than the show.

Anyway I tuned in to see what hilarious thing you'd be saying about that sweater that was swallowing Anne. Disappointed you let that go with no mention. Maybe it was too easy.


I love in the picture where Chesley's looking surprised at Tyra that Jane is giving some fierce bitchface. Love it!

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Hey guys, Liz is gone! !!! 63. Ann Given that Ann cries not just at the drop of a hat, but also at the tip and pompo.


Can you please just tell me...the title is totally a reference to Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, yes?


@ kizzle dizzle, Kate, and FollyFan: (belatedly) Aha! you are right. That makes much more sense. I absolutely didn't know what I was looking at.

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