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November 01, 2010





I'm just hoping Anne really doesn't pull a Carrie during her inevitable breakdown.


Ann with a beard shouldn't be cracking me up this much. But, seriously, she looks like Jesus.


ha ha, i thought milgram as well. why do they always have to take these things and make them shit? i mean, very famous designer, real fashion show (for once, not some half arsed made-up bollocks with stilts on the titanic or some shit), gorgeous clothes..... can't they just, like walk down the runway wearing them? and be assessed for that? but no, antm is never happy unless it is gilding the lily beyond recognition.


OMG! You mentioned Shanice and my little slice of childhood that is "I Love Your Smile"! I heard that song growing up as a kid in Jersey, and I still hum to it today. Ah, good times.

Also, that Whoopsie Daisy looks more like Lil' Wayne doing his best Whoopi impression. I guess Halloween still isn't over.


The "professional model" in the photo where Liz is sticking out her tongue - she is from some reality show, but I am blanking on which. Anyone remember?


Kudos to Ann for having the self-awareness that people would be laughing at her falling in her rollerskates. She is wise indeed, because that shit is HILARIOUS. Thanks for capturing her shame/my delight in gif format!


Love it, as always.
I actually loved the bitchy models, you know all models that have to work with ANTM for these fake shows want to say it.


The model was Fatma, from Project Runway and the model spinoff...can't think of the name.


ANTMFTW, I think it was Models of the Runway which used to be on after Project Runway.


ANTMFTW, she's Fatma from Project Runway season 6 (so also Models of the Runway season 1). She had a big crush on the designer Logan, but the designers overall didn't really like her. I remembered her too, but couldn't put my finger on from where until just now.


"Showtime, synergy"


That "professional model" was on Project Runway. And if I remember correctly, she was kind of bitchy then too. Type casting!

Deanna Destroi

Okay, so I understand that not everyone lives on roller skates like I do, but Ann, if you lean back to the point where you look like you're manoeuvring under a limbo stick, YOU WILL FALL BACKWARD. How is this so difficult?

Vanessa M

Not only was that Fatma, but wasn't that Amanda from PR S3 as well? (the redhead?)

I agree--was it necessary to add that extra icing of bitchery? At least that one girl was bitchy to Chris about a question she was asking (and really, Chris's reaction was gold. Cmon Rich, you have to have decided to love Chris by now, yes?) But telling obviously vulnerable Anne not to mess up or making fun of Esther's rack was in no way enjoyable to watch. I felt tacky just tuning in. Which means I'm watching ANTM I suppose.

Also very uncomfortable: Kayla's situation. I appreciate Jay was actually empathetic and helpful but the fact she still had to do that scene? I dunno. I squirmed. The hoop earrings didn't help. I don't roller skate so frankly that whole sequence was not fun to watch.

(have to say though, it's looking like Kayla ftw for me. The fact she keeps coming in second only bolsters her likelihood.)

I will say, mock about the H2T water but I much prefer it when they hawk faux products. I can't stand the hammy pitching that real products engenders. Seeing free Cover Girl from Walmart (you can't take everything-gah, fuck you Nigel you cheap asskisser) being treated like a weekend at the Ritz is bad enough.

Brook Vanderford

thanks for making me laugh! i've had a bad week and really needed this recap. thank you thank you thank you.


Is the title of this post a Gravy Train reference? If so, too bad, because we could have been calling Esther Ghost Boobs this whole time ... Or something?

I actually winced and groaned and hid my face throughout this episode. I was as comfortable in my own skin as Ann! I REFUSED to watch the whole Kayla/ Mr. J exchange because I was convinced/mortified that he would act well within character and be super shitty to her ... I spent that whole segment apologizing to my boyfriend for my execrable taste in television (I don't have the excuse of a blog as to why I have devoted so much of my life to Tyra's horseshit). And then the "bitchy" models AND THEN the girls falling on their asses during the skating. Finally, my dear Esther got canned. Did you notice the look on her face when she and Ann were in the bottom two? She knew what was up, no question - and that in itself was pretty cruel, since it was obvious to all involved that being in the bottom two with Ann = ticket home. Ugh.


So, basically, models from a reality show were dragged in to faux-criticize models on a reality show.

My head just exploded.

I would also like to point out that "androgeny" [sic] is the second blatant misspelling on-camera this season. Well done, ANTM.


I was kind of hoping Ann would be eliminated so that her torment would be ended.


I don't watch this show, just read the recaps, so excuse my ignorance. But... What the hell is going on with Ann on the rollerskates? Has she never seen another person move? I would assume that anyone would at least have the idea that you (as someone said) can't just lean backwards and not move your legs. Is she just too weak from her total lack of body fat and muscles or something?


O! Just realized who Liz resembles in that kiss gif: the cuter of the two kids in Paris is Burning!

MJ McStabby

Holy crapola, a Jem and the Holograms reference. I. Love. It. and you.


Tyra of all people should know that "personality" doesn't mean dick for a model because if it did, she never would have had a career. And with Posen on the panel it was doubly funny because I remember watching some A&E doc about fashion week and they showed him and his stank casting director make Eva Herzigova "walk" for him while the director called her old. Lovely. Never once asked a model to show them her personality.

But since he cooed and sighed over how beautiful he thought Jane was and how she had that "moment" at the end of the "commercial" I'd say she can impress a client with her looks, so she doesn't need a personality.


I agree with Dusty -- Ann on the rollerskates made no sense whatsoever. Hello, one foot in front of the other, not gliding and falling flat on your ass. It has nothing to do with her height, sheesh. And it also terrified me to see how skeletal she looks. Funny that Annamaria got booted for being too thin, but Ann can be 120 pounds (guess) at 6'2" and nobody bats an eye. Even if she had delivered a stellar performance, I would've been distracted by the skin and bones on skates.
And bye bye, Esther, AKA girl with the Jewish thing!


"Showtime synergy" = awesome. If you can work in "Twilight in Paris," it will be truly truly truly outrageous.

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