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November 23, 2010



I want someone to point Tyruh to your blog. My mind would explode.


I might have missed this in the post- but did you get a credit at the end of the show?

Anna B

At least you have the consolation that you are infinitely more funny than Jay Leno


Oh, duh, I just saw you didn't get a credit. So that's officially lame. I used to produce a (local) live TV show, and I can attest to the fact that the talent NEVER says what you want them to say when you want them to say it. But to guard against that, they should have given you the promised credit at the end of the show and a link on their website.


PREACH! honey!
keep us updated.


Jay basically built the whole premise of the first part of the interview entirely around your idea. You should have gotten a verbal hat-tip in the interview, at the VERY least. He sucks.


@Josie - he says no end of show credit was given.


FWIW, Taylor Swift seemed very much like she was being ironic when she did the -big-mouth-spread-out-hands-surprised-face with Jay after he showed the clip.

Not to say that she doesn't have the same stunned reactions at award shows like you point out, but I don't think she was so dull as to not get the joke.

The clip ends. She rolls her eyes. Jay makes a face. She follows suit (ironically). Jay says "that's right" - confirming that she is making the right funny face. She calmly explains herself right after.

But Jay Leno is just not funny and owes you a cred. So you can run and tell that (at least).



Sarah G

That is really lame. At least your readers love you and know the truth!


As if I couldn't hate jay leno more, now he attacks someone who I have decided is a CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND (i.e. you lol.) Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you.


I'm shocked they even reached out to you at all before stealing it. He's such a d-bag.


Leno sucks.

Pup Fan

Add another one to the list of reasons Jay Leno sucks.


Team COCO all day!! Eff jay in the chin.


Sean sucks- I bet he took credit for the whole thing!


Wait? So you're saying that Jay Leno screwed someone over? I'm as shocked as Taylor Swift at an awards show!


When you are a talentless clod of a human being like Jay Leno whose only ability is to ride the coattails of better, smarter, funnier, more productive individuals, that's what you do and how you do it.

Power to you FourFour! hope they get their comeuppance.


I can't believe the audience actually applauded her alleged lack of presumption. Then again, I can't believe this uninspiring, only marginally talented stick bug got a record deal on the first place.


You thought hack writers would behave ethically?



Chase Mitchell

Guh. From the clumsy-ass way it was introduced, I wonder if even Jay got it.


These bitches. It's so simple to give verbal credit but they think they can get away with this. Same thing that happened with the NPR thing. They will relent. The internet knows what to do.


You've been Cooks Sourced... by Jay Leno, of all people...


I like how Jay Leno's excuse is that it's not the first time he's ripped off other people, so just suck it up and move on.

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