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go rich :D i was appalled at mr. leno's stupidity. like no one would notice that a video seen all around was not the product of the "brilliant" minds at the tonight show! i'm so happy you and ms. kate spencer got the credit you deserve <3


"It should be said that Sean O'Rourke used to work where I'm currently employed and was fired for plagiarizing. And now he works for Jay. Go figure."


Matt B.

you're famous!! one of these days i'm going to try to visit and won't be able to get through because of all the traffic!


Funny how if a person creates media on the internet using mainstream sources /material your stuff gets yanked or slammed with the threat of litigation.

But when the wholly lift your work its no biggie to give credit where its due.


Funny how if a person creates media on the internet using mainstream sources /material your stuff gets yanked or slammed with the threat of litigation.

But when the wholly lift your work its no biggie to give credit where its due.


I bet all that brought more traffic and readers to your blog!

Not that I'm happy you got ripped off....I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm just glad you did finally get your due credit (and Kate Spencer too).


I was about to storm Jay Leno's FB page until I saw the second update.


Jay is known for ripping off other peoples bits and material. The bit he used to do of his mouth and chin upside down and acting like a body builder was stolen from a sports caster in a city he visited. A lot of great comedians have used jokes they didn't write but they hired, paid, and helped their ghost writers. Jay Leno is a hack who has never had an original thought in his head. I'm surprised they called you first. This must be some silly backup thing they do now. They probably hoped you wouldn't have the support to back you up.


creative commons licenses are free! they let you share your works with others but retain attribution. so in the future jay leno will be required by law to give you credit for your ideas.

Rhonda Murrey

Jay has no original material - he has to steal from others... Taylor Swift is young, and she has put herself out there with a lot of guts. I'm sure there is a bit of truth to the comment she made about not being pretentious... she seems to be handling it as well as should be expected of someone her age.


this is fucking glad when i read it you already had the updates on never cease to amaze and intrigue me, and more often than not you inspire me to do research on things i would otherwise never have known about living in EASTERN GODDAMN KENTUCKY. thanks rich. very cool.


Heard about your situation on Howard Stern just now - Leno sucks!!!!

Your Mother

check it!

Also, this is my very favorite comment on the article, it's just so SPECIAL!:

"Wow I wonder how Jay Leno has made it for so many years and oh yeah the number 1 talk show if he lacks any talent and humor. How do all these people know that Howard Stern didn’t steal some of Jay’s jokes. Now Stern is a vulgar joke!! Somehow all some people can think about is tying everything in to politics(of course that is all the liberals who blame everything on Bush, Palin or any Republican, but wait that is what the liberals and Democrats do. I forgot. Get over it and judge someone on what they actually do and not because of political views. If I did that I wouldn’t watch tv at all because most shows are very liberal based. Way to hang in there Jay!!!"


Jay steals from Howard Stern all the time..get used to it


Taylor Swift is such a little cock tease. I cant stand that little bitch. "OH SHES SO GREAT. HER MUSIC IS LIKE A YOUNG GIRLS DIARY!!!" How do these young ass kids think that they are in love and have experienced so much in their life. Its bullshit. Her and Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber dont know shit about life and "love". Love to them just equals dollar signs. They're all fake fucking sheep.


i never watch that piece of shit leno anyway


Hold on. Did you give credit to the producers/networks whose videos you used to make "your" montage?

Seems really funny that you'd want credit for pasting together others peoples videos, I didn't know one could copyright the effort of pasting. And your "idea" for putting together a few clips lifted from youtube is hardly a new and novel concept.

What in the biscuits is wrong with people these days...sheesh...


Howard Stern was talking about this incident today! Jay Leno is a talentless hack.

Heart you, Rich/FourFour!


That Leno continues to be a class act, huh? Nice that the Times to put him on blast!


Jay has been stealing from Howard Stern for years.


Howard Stern always said Leno steals his bits, makes total sense now. They cared enough not to forget to show your video and take all credit for it. Too funny, hope he's off the air soon.


lol, crying because you don't get credit for making a video. Did you invent the computer program that allowed you to "create" this video? Did you give the inventor and software company credit? Did you thank the inventor of the internet for allowing you to share to the world your creation?

Get real, and grow up.

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I played this game often, but for me, our creativity never stretched past trying to figure out what animal we would be. I'm still un-decided on the matter.


To be fair- Taylor Swift surprise face was done, albeit in a different medium, 11 months ago.


I'm glad you got your credit in the end. Even if it was the smallest, most insignificant lower-third credit possible, it was still acknowledgment and that matters!

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