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November 30, 2010



Mariah Carey is perfection.


Christ, I needed to take a break and eat a power bar half way through this vid, but I'm glad I stuck it out. The end where she responds to the callers is immensely amusing. Be honest, did you call and just not get through? I love that Mariah responds exactly the same way to everyone regardless of their level of crazy.
"I love your music"= "aww"
"I saw you in Vegas"= "aww"
"I named my kid after you"= "aww"
"I carved your name into my forehead"= "aww"
"I would like to eat your brains and keep your heart in a jar"= "aww"




cant wait to see this on jay leno tomorrow


She said it so quickly so I may have misheard. Does she collect antique perfume bottles?


This is awesome.


does she have a thing for butterflies? I never knew.


Funny post about Mariah but I am really waiting for Winston and Rudy's Thanksgiving Feast! :)


"Just spritz the air, and then you have to walk and twirl, turn around, and sit down, and the fragrance will have enveloped you."


It looks like she copied the bottle shape from McQueen's My Queen (http://www.skinstep.com/product_images/queen-eau-parfum-spray-04585425906.jpg), shame on you Mariah!

Also - jaysis woman, how many things do you 'love'?


Let's do a count of how many times she says 'My fingers are so swollen from being pregnant' and 'I collect vintage purfume bottles' and 'Do the diva twist' and...


Everything about this is oddly soothing to me.


I'm sitting here, pregnant, reading this post, and thinking that it's the best thing I've read in a while. I agree with Annie that it's soothing. So soothing. Especially while I'm on this couch.

Nutsos like 6:43 are why I watch home shopping. I'm more of a QVC girl than an HSN girl but I will always switch over if the right celeb is on.

The Precious Pink bottle looks like this cheap cologne I had when I was 12.


The way she says "likewise" at 6:48? Is why I love me so much Mimi


I love you, four four, for making the most exquisite videos ever.


Yessss I watched this the other night and couldn't wait for your commentary and edit. :)



Otherwise, I'm not that upset losing those 7 minutes of my life.


lol. can you make a mix of her just saying "aww" insincerely?


It's nice to see the first pregnant woman EVER putting her feet up and making some real nasty money while doing it.Her modesty is a fine example for all of us to follow. She's just a legal con-woman,she is.


I only wish that somewhere around hour 4 the host replied to one of her pregnancy comments with a shocked "WAIT, WHAT?! YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!? OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!" I'd love to see the look on her face.


WHAT A FUCKING COINCIDENCE!! I DON'T EXPERIMENT WITH LOTIONS EITHER!!!!!! LMAO....I love this woman more with each passing year...


I like her diva twist into the perfume mist. Just like Whitley on "A Different World." Also, her pregnancy boobs are giving me a backache just looking at them.


Congrats on the book deal, Rich!

Mama Kat

Oh poor Mariah. There really is nothing else to talk about for six hours except being pregnant and perfume bottles. Those are always my fallback topics as well.


Umm...I'm not sure if this was intentional stealing or not, but omgyahoo has a video up that basically summarizes this montage and may or may not use your footage: http://omg.yahoo.com/videos/mariah-carey-i-m-so-pregnant/12544

Of course, since they didn't use the whole thing, there's always a chance that this was coincidence, but....

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