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Ya Na!

She collects antique perfume bottles?

The bottle for her own perfume is the most tackiest, plasticy, vagina lips pulled apart as a butterfly with a wort on a wing thing.....vomit....sorry, where was I? barbie accessory bottle more like it.

 Natura Cleanse

How wonder the title is? A perfume hater but perfume bottle collector.Nice article to read.
Natura Cleanse


this is so amazing.

it's my outlet to creativity and everything gaseous.


this is not dissimilar, I collect perfume bottles, the beauty mark on the bottom of the butterfly, i hate cologne!

she's become an action figure! ok, fashion doll. pregnant fashion doll. lol.

Draylen R.

Wow...just watched this today. Um, genius, much? I never considered myself that big of a Mariah fan, but this is just...too much! It's delicious...pure, unadulterated deliciousness!

Lisa T.

This video compilation is truly a Christmas miracle--nay, a Festivus miracle!

I will watch any and all Mariah montages you create. :)


kate welsh

When you do something like collection, you start it with gusto, so why complain?


I like the video. Thank you for sharing this post. Pregnant women become more sensitive to almost all things. I understand why she hates those things, the smell may irritate her.


I hope Dylan likes his lion chair.Ava sure loved it while I was tinyrg to wrap it.She LOVED the funny song he sings :)Love,Brit

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