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November 15, 2010



I THINK its eeyore... <3


You are fresh.

Dandy Darkly

At this point there should be an Ann breakdown monitor at the lower corner of the screen, flashing from green to yellow to red.

I thooooooought it was happening during the go-sees, as she sat with her tangled head of wispy hair... but ultimately am happy it didn't because its too easy.

And while I know its coming, seeing more and more of Ann internalize everything makes me wonder if the breakdown will merely be a poignant flash across her eyes and then adieu.

Molly D.

A former coworker once got told "with your new haircut you look just like Liza Minelli!" Which, while true... Jesus Christ, people, that is NOT a compliment!


You don't look like John Malkovich!!!
who told you that.

Jane is my fave at htis point of the competition. I know she's not going to win, as she's actually been sleeping in a bed and hasn't been abused as far as we know.


Just one time, I'd like to see a girl on this show who starts studying maps the second she gets to whatever country they go to and then totally smokes the go-see challenge.

Also, someone once told me that with my new haircut, I looked just like Monica Lewinsky.


I died at "photosynthesis?"
RICH you still got it even if you're over it


Did anyone else watch the statue photo shoot and think of the Doctor Who episodes with the angel statues that come to life and kill people?

Vanessa M

I have the feeling being a contestant on this show is a little like being in a cult or Patty Hearst kidnapping lite. You are kept from your family and familiar surroundings. You are never alone. You must please capricious leaders who hold your fate in their hands. I'm sure at some point, the nonsense just starts to make sense.

Does it seem like some kind of bitch fever is swelling in Kayla? I'm starting to not love her as much.

Once when I was in Trader Joe's, a checkout girl looked up at me and said "Oh! Oh my gosh! You look just like Sharon Stone." I think she meant because of my hair, not because my lady area was in plein air. I know she a crazy bitch these days but I have to say, I was so flattered I shop at that TJ's all the fucking time now.


"Yeah, except the thing is that Ann did get booked and she was the only one who did."

Sometimes, I wonder if you're watching the show with me somehow. I said almost this exact same thing to my husband when we were watching last week. It made no fucking sense that they're pushing personality, personality, personality, and then...they send Chris home. And Ann was the one that got booked on the "go and see".

But that's why I still watch this show, admittedly...the nonsense of it all. ::sigh:: LOVE.


And I'd bet my liver that Jay would've come out with the same BS speech if Jane had been in a relationship. "It kinda shows. You're holding back because of that." That man is so far up his own ass, he doesn't even need someone else...


There are three things I must note from this episode.

1) Did anyone notice the hint of an evil smile that crossed Tyra's face when Jane started crying at panel. It looked like she was trying to contain it, but it still came through, accompanied by a subtle nodding, like "yes, yes cry and feed me with your tears".

2) Jay told one of the girls he was going to bust them up if they tried to hug him after the shoot. I'm sure any of those girls could take him down if needed.

3) I loved the hilarious impersonations they did of panel when Tyra was "giving tips" on how to put together a portofio...and Tyra, your tips sucked cause they made no sense.

As always a good job from you Rich


Oh, God, I get told I look like Ozzy all the time. It's true, I do have long hair and round glasses, but I'm also 30 years younger, have a different color of hair, don't look ravaged by time and drugs, and am about 3 feet taller. Don't get me wrong--I loves me some Sabbath--but seriously people, stop. I miss when I used to get John Lennon, but these damn kids today don't know who that is.

Rich, I'll trade you Ozzy for John Malkovich.


Chris = Max
the dog from How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Unless there's a completely different version of John Malkovich running around somewhere, I just don't see it.

Now there IS a beefy dude with a great smile from a Czech wrestling video that I downloaded a while ago that looks a LOT like you. I would post a link to some screenshots here, but the resemblance is so uncanny, it would likely embarass you...


Seriously, I think that I may be the only one left that love Mr. Jay.

So, I know this is a Reality Show, but I kept thinking, how realistic is it that these girls would be handed a map and told they had to get there by walking and make all 4? If it is 'my job' to get there, I am going to hire a cab and hand them the directions.


Photosynthesis. Rich, you are a genius. I practically barked out a laugh at that one.

(And FWIW, I find John Malkovich to be super sexy in that weird way of his. ...but I don't think you look like him. You're way cuter & you look less like you might slit my throat.)


Rose, I also love Mr. Jay. I mean, a makeup artist turned self-described photo director turned style-fashion-guru?
Also, I believe there was something genuine when he walked with Kayla after the shoot. He seemed happy that someone else was happy, which I think is a big thing for him.


mr jay is being such a massive bitch lately, like, more than normal. i wonder if he is taking illegal hormones to pump up his manbreasts or some shit.


...and errr? what? jane is criticised for being 'not human' - but the photo shoot is being a statue? Ann 'won't get booked' - but she is the only one who did get booked? 'personality is so important' - but they kicked chris off? it was opposite week this week alright.


Yikes, Tyra is totally going for the gspot in the gif above. The question is... whose?


Ann is not the only one who was booked. Chelsey was booked for one of the "go and sees" she made it to.

Passing Shot

apropos of nothing, but Rich, you have some of the funniest COMMENTORS on the planet. Thank you all!


Mr. Jay wears such thick pancake makeup and you can see the proof on the tissue as he dabs away the trickle of sweat.
A brief moment of reality on Reality TV:)


Huh. I don't see the Malkovich at ALL. We've seen photos and video of you many times, and never, ever, ever has that occurred to me.

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