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Malkovich? Really? Nope. Maybe Vin Diesel in the right light...when he's looking hot and not actually trying to act or anything. People are smoking crack again. It's weird what people pick up on. I get told I look like "Sookie Stackhouse" which means Anna Paquin, I guess. As I am a foot taller and fat, I couldn't figure it out...then it dawned on me...I'm blonde and I have a gap in my teeth. *Insert eyeroll here.* I think I'd rather be Lauren Hutton. :o)


Oh wonderful tyra GIF but i will always forever love the tyra wall gif! :)))Also I found it really funny that tyra kept pointing out that jane is now human, it just makes me wonder what she was before this episode... Love yah rich!


I really liked Reindeer Games, I would go with Ben Affleck and then Gary Sinise.



I'm with you on the insulting celebrity comparisons.

People keep telling me I look like Supernanny. Not. Cool.

Leanspa Scam

Don't forget that it is a tv show...


Honestly, are the girls too stupid to read maps or were they given really bad maps?
And another thing: the distances between IMG, Versace and Global Casting are short enough to make it there by foot, so I don't get why they didn't ALL make it to at least two gosees. They had several hours to get around Milan, what the hell did they do all afternoon??
"Yeah, except the thing is that Ann did get booked and she was the only one who did."
I had the exact same thought! Tyra is so making no sense ^^ Just wtf. I don't know whether to love or hate that craziness.


John Malkovich is HOT. Out of respect for you and your happiness, I will refrain from commenting on your resemblance to him.


Yes, best screen shot ever.

Vanessa M

Oh, and just my two cents is Malkovich is hot.

But, my taste was always unique.


I can't go two weeks without someone actually mistaking me for Molly Ringwald. Which I guess would be ok if she were 30 or I were 44.
Jane reminds me of Tina Majorino.
I like Kayla too much for her to win. I want her to have an actual career. Also, Tyra's gonna think she is such a fucking philanthropist for giving it to a gay person especially in light of recent events.


Why do I look at your Tyra gifs and think about how they would look as digital art in the model house? hehehe

I'm just sayin'...

Chelsea was also booked. It was for the commercial casting.


I hope Ann goes on to make "not the winner of TOP MODEL HISTORY!!!!!"

Kayla should win - fwiw I hope she does well too.


not jealous, but still love your recaps better than the show. xo to you


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Ann reminds me SO MUCH of Amy Acker as Fred in Angel in that streak of paint in her hair shot. Weird.


I was recently told by a beaming German stranger that I looked like Angela Merkel. I believe my reaction was a Taylor Swift dropped jaw and a "What?" -- only y'know, in an unpleased way. And genuine.


I haven't been to Milan, so like a geek I went to Map My Walk (thanks for including the map, Rich!) and saw that Versace, the booking agent and the photography place would have been at the very least almost 6 miles, add in the photographer and it's over 8. So, yeah, not realistic to think they could walk it. But honestly, couldn't at least one girl navigate that strange "underground railroad thing?"

Toothy Tile

Um, John Malkovich is cute for an old guy. I'd totally hit it.


Ugh it bothered me SO much that Tyra kept saying Ann wouldn't be able to book a go-see when OBVIOUSLY SHE DID. aiehgai;lwkjlk

Acai Max Cleanse

Some of the above photos are really very funny.

Easter Buffy

I used to get Carol Kane, then Meryl Streep, but hit a low point when some guy in the gym hit on me using the line, "You know, you look like that lady who drowned her two kids in the car." Nice.

Matt B

not happy about kayla tonight =(


Did anyone else note that Jane's 'crying' didn't involve any tears?


I'm with everyone else, I don't see the Malkovich thing at all.
I was once told by my boss that I looked like "that girl from Carrie".

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