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p.s. I think Jane looks like a more human version of Katrina Bowden.


I'm a girl and multiple people have told me i look like Mr. Bean. When I tell people this they look at me really hard and then say, "Yeah! You sort of do!" like this is hilarious.

BeeBee Toots

I can see your Malkovitchness. Also, I love that word: Malkovitchness.


I really do watch each episode laughing at how funny a gif would look. Or through how you'll interpret the craziness that is Tyra and Jay.


Am I the only one who thinks Chris looks like Antoine Dodson?


Whoa. Spoiler anyone? Check out lower left corner of this photo:


People say I look like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Prince William . I think everyone has tourette's in this world.


Sorry but I wanted to shake Ann and say wash your hair! great review as usual


Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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I still can't look at ALT without being reminded of Tim Gunn's experience witnessing ALT seated and bibbed, on a couch in a backstage green room being hand-fed morsels of food by hapless lackeys. So appropriate that ALT would wear an enormous, sparkley bib for the finale.


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