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November 18, 2010



Rich, I just watched this immediately thought of you.

Jeremy Kyle is like a UK mash-up of Springer/Maury and this is a super=cut of trashy brits saying "at the end of the day" in a variety of hilarious accents.



Um - Loving that you rated Rated R, and not this... EVERY frickin' review I've read has prasied this and dissed R...

K. Rock

Nobody else I know remembers Beverly Hills Teens...but you. And I don't really know you. It's all kind of sad.

Anyway, the album sucks. I like What's my Name but other than that, booo!!!


I agree. Huge step back from "Rated R." Although on the subject of one-liners, I thought you'd show some love to "It's getting coyote ugly up in here, no Tyra." No Tyra > no homo.


So funny that you reference janet. at the end, because Loud's album cover (hair color, expression) makes me think of Velvet Rope, which is closer to Rater R in tone and subject, whereas Loud is actually her All For You, the post-break-up celebration.


So you think she's a mind controlled MK Ultra Slave also? Good to know I am not alone


Hi Rich, what's your thought on Man Down? I thought the song itself is slightly above average but her accent elevates to AMAZING, and also due to the lyrics 'tell the judge please gimme minimal'.

I disagree with you on Cali King Bed though, but it's probably because I like my ballads cheesy. Plus, her vocals on that song are quite possibly the strongest I've heard from her.

Also pretty sad you didn't mention Complicated, arguably my favorite track from the album. Some say she basically screams all the way through but I feel like she's very emotive.

The only dud tracks are Fading and Raining Men. The former starts off promising with the Enya sample but then reveals itself as a typical Rihanna ballad/midtempo hybrid ala Take A Bow/Stupid In Love. Raining Men is basically a tuneless Beyonce reject.

Asics Shoes

Rihanna has achieved eight number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since first appearing on the chart on June 11, 2005, which is the most by any artist during that time span.


I love your thoughtful and honest reviews. So often we just take you for granted as the hilarious ANTM guy with two really cute cats, but when I read stuff like this it makes me appreciate you even more as a writer. This album has been getting an incredible amount of praise for reasons I still don't understand. So boring and generic.

Random, but I pray to Zob that you review Burlesque. Please?


@Asics Shoes - So? That doesn't mean her music/personality deserve critical acclaim.

Account Deleted

I love your reviews. Also, I love you.

I got this album because of the cover, seriously. Never much thought of her. But I know that critics flipped for Rated R. But now they're praising this at the expense of that. Critics!


"California Kitchen" made me laugh out loud, it's PERFECT! Overall I thought it was an actually decent album given that it's by Rihanna. It's not pretentious or insincere as the last one, and it's much more cohesive musically than all her previous albums.


She is pretty but I think she looks bloody awful with red hair...and she can't sing.

bazooka joe

Rihanna is NOT pretty. She looks like a hammerhead shark.


Finally some love for Rated R! I said it last year that Rated R was pretty fantastic. I wasn't feeling Gaga's latest effort at the time (I know, I'm in the minority), but I freaking loved Rated R. The combination of dark and ultra cool had me hooked.

"Loud" is a classic studio pop album; but, I still like it. My favorite tracks are probably everyone else's worst. I've got "Cheers (Drink to That)," "Raining Men," "Complicated," and "Man Down" on my main playlist right now.


@Asics Shoes: Actually, as of this week, she has nine number one singles...

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