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November 16, 2010



"Someone should do a supercut..." is like throwing rice on the ground in front of you. Supercut vampirism! Personally, I think it's fun to be surprised, which is different than actually being surprised, heh.

Also, I had to look at the image info to figure out your newest hero. I did not recognize Tara Reid and am still not sure that it's her.


damn, too true about her/kanye. perfect.


Taylor Swift, please hurry up and become a coked up has been! I can't stand your face...let alone your crappy music.


I truly cannot stand the girl (for the reasons you succinctly cite above), but I kinda empathize with the constant state of shock thing. I'm pretty easily thrilled about everything constantly, so Taylor may be suffering from the same psychological affliction as myself, rather then being purposely disingenuous.

...still despise her, tho


I can't believe all this negativity! come on people, taylor swift is a young performer doing her thing. and just because she's grateful at these idiot award shows doesn't mean we should shit all over her.

we should thank her for making them that much less bearable.

love the girl, love the jams. RED WHITE AND TAYLOR!


Please remember that we can't see vh1 clips outside of the US!!


I'd really like to see some Don Draper What's sprinkled in there just for some extra seasoning.


What? What? What? What? Oh my God I can't believe this is happening! Oh my God I can't believe this is happening! What? What?

If she found new lines to express her surprise then maybe it wouldn't be so annoying? Nice blowjob faces anyway :P


I've got a standing ovation for you right *here*, whenever you want it,


Add the Gyllenhaal element and there's an entirely new reason to dislike her.


Before I even watch this, I just have to say, I knew I would love it as soon as I saw the post title.

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I'm pretty easily thrilled about everything constantly, so Taylor may be suffering from the same psychological affliction as myself, rather then being purposely disingenuous.

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she is very beautiful and talented and hard to beleive someone would cheat on her. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers.I absolutely love the song Teardrops on my Guitar.

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I went to her concert in Phoenix (Yeah, I know. Worst mistake ever now that I look back on it). My god, she would not stop. "Ohhhh my godddd you guys! I'm soooo happy to be here!! You guys are aweeeesome!" She almost started crying!

You would have had a field day with it, Rich.

Miss Lisa

I have a family member who is constantly hyper-excited and amazed by almost everything life throws her way. It used to exhaust me but I've come to find her endearing. It's who she is. It also helps that she lives six states away.


One of the best supercuts I have seen, but I still had to take two breaks in 3 minutes to handle it all. It makes me want to create an award to give to her.


lol @ Miss Lisa's comment on the six states away comment ;)


better kayne and his swaggering false bravado
than swift and her insipid false modesty.


Hate the way she slouches.


What! This is my new fave...you top yourself every time.


ugh, this bitch...i was hoping to see kanye's mic snatching or shrug make a brief appearance.

i was also more interested in seeing everyone else's reactions because there have to be more than a few of her fellow artists who are over her shit streak as well.


There's better artists to hate than Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift (her voice and facial expressions and also, this supercut) always kind of make me wonder if she's stoned.


c'mon someone needs to do taylor swift 'what, what, in the etc...' and also a super-kanye/taylor-cut

Vanessa M

All the freaking hullabaloo about the Kanya/Taylor non-incident and attendant publicity for them both always made me wonder if it was staged. Your musing on their similarity is sunlight and fertilizer for my budding conspiracy theory.

I don't want to get egged here but I did like her first album before she became an omni-present pop culture thing.

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