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November 16, 2010



cinderella story. girl next door gets famous etc yada yada.


Geez, even a Rich supercut couldn't make her funny or entertaining. The woman may literally be carved from cream cheese.


Clearly, she is surprised EVERY TIME because only she has an accurate grasp on how terrible she actually is.


Pointing out that homegirl can't sing on key isn't being negative, it's being truthful.

I second the DD "What"s for extra seasoning as well.


I cannot stand this heifer. And if you look closely at the some of the artists' faces, you can catch a glimpse of their "overness" of her (look at Reba when she gives her the award. I could swear she was thinking, "bitch puh-leeze, just take this shit and sit yo ass DOWN!). And didn't someone actually shove her as she was walking from her seat?


Taylor Swift started very young though, performing, and then was really "making it" in Hollywood when she was just fifteen or so. Can you imagine trying so hard your whole life to make it big, and then it happens? Life would be so surreal! I don't blame her. I think that eventually the shock factor will wear off, but if I was her age and winning all those awards... I'd have the same reaction.


I keep watching expecting something to happen, and then nothing does. I don't see what the big deal is, anyone can compile a bunch of clips together... I'm confused why someone else gathering a few clips of anyone on an awards show is 'ripping anyone off' but ok...

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The critique within this video should be obvious.


Come on! Give her a break, will ya! It is not so bad! Respect one another!


I don't know. I think she might be sincere (at least to a point). Remember, she's pretty young to have this level of success and she kind of came out of nowhere. On top of it, not to be mean but she's a pretty moderate (to be generous) talent. I know if I was her this level of success and recognition would seem pretty unreal to me as well.


What? Really? Me? What? What? What? Dont you have anyone else to give these awards to? Oh I am so lucky. Lucky,lucky, lucky. I write crap songs straight out of my diary and you guys...catches breath, sobs...sniffles...you guys...what? love my diary...you dirty perverts reading my goddam diary.


Came to check this out after I heard Leno ripped you off. But I think Taylor Swift (like most young stars today) is a talentless hack on the level with that Bieber chick.

You dunno Me

Somebody ESLE thinks Bieber looks like a girl?! I thought I was the only one.

Taylor Swift worked hard to get where she has gotten. If they weren't giving all those awards to her, they'd just be giving them to Miley Cirus or . . . some other musician.

I think it's great to get excited. It's way better than when Alicia Keyes walked up to collect a Grammy and she stuck her tongue out at the camera. What-a bitch(!)


Is she a goldfish?

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it's the exact same look of surprise on the faces of people who can actually sing on key when they react to her winning all of these awards in their living rooms after their 12 hour a day job in the factory.

Dan Gray

Taylor Swift is the real deal.

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douchebags...all of you


i don't understand the hate. i love that she's excitable. she said that herself. i'm glad that after the success in 5 years and still counting in the industry, she's still humble and grateful. sorry, if you people are not used to that behavior.
if she has a straight face, you'll say she's arrogant. if she's surprised, you'll say she's annoying. my god, she can't win!

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