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November 22, 2010



Tyra's film reminded me of a Manray Dada film, only it was worse.


lovely recap.
I'm confused that Kayla didn't make it to the top two as well. Maybe it's because every single other model who has been 23+ has been berated for their age and kicked off as soon as the judges realize it. I'm betting on the awkward age moment to come up right after the walk off, which Chelsea will no doubt win.


Mmmmmm... Bacon sammich with a side o pussy. HOW did I manage not to notice this until now?
(Rich, won't you be soooo happy once this cycle is finally over? I do believe this has finally become America's Next Top Uber* Tedium for me, and I'll do nothing but read your recaps next time. If you DO a next time. Which should qualify you for canonization in SOMEBODY'S church...)

(* Sorry. Me and umlauts? We don't work out so well...)


As many times as they've shown that stupid picture of Ann eating a sandwich (why would anyone take that picture in the first place?), I never noticed the cat in corner - those glowing eyes are creepy...


Watching this episode, I felt like the "motion editorial" was just a ploy to start making the animated gifs for you.
The name-whispering was so awful and not even funny. Finally, if Ann had shown the Italian Vogue editor the bacon sandwich picture I think she would have won the challenge.


Not sure if you saw, but The CW accidentally posted a picture that spoiled the winner ....


I loved Chelsey's face when they called Ann's name first. Her face dropped. Not because she wasn't called first (although that's partly it), but because she knew anyone going up against Ann's storyline was bound to lose. And Andre has a hard-on for her.

I also love how Tyra's new go-to advice is to take acting lessons and become an actress. Really Tyra? So being an actress is easier than modeling? Have we not forgotten your turn as stripper / bartender / lawyer in Coyote Ugly? Who am I kidding. Any hiccup in the Tyra Banks success story is immediately forgotten. Much like Tyra's acting career.


I'm not really sad for Kayle, she nored me to death with her constant moanings about the sleeping-bag thing and the sexual abuse, being a possible first ever Amer'ca's Next Top Lesbian etc. And she wasn't the best looking gal in the bunch, she's got really short legs, her mouth seems tothless for some reason. And the red colouring was a horrible choice
I wish Jane was in the top 2, she's the only one with possibilities to work as an actual model: hight, weight, face, age.. (pity she apeared on this show, it makes her no favor)

I like Chelsey, but she looks a bit old, there's something about her skin that makes her look older, it's appears very dry.
I think Ann is the winner. Which is also OK for me. She looks good done, but with no make-up looks like a creature from Lord of the Rings. Needs lots of retouching (teeth..)


I meant bored not nored, obviously


Where's the gif of when Tyra was talking behind the scenes at the shoot about maybe Ann...? Mister Jay's face said it all. If Mr. Jay thinks you're talking crap... Hmm. In other news, This Is The First Final 4 Without An African-American Girl In The History Of America's Next Top Model! This may or may not be true, by the way. I don't care enough to look it up.


The only reason I am sad that this cycle is coming to an end is because I feel like you're getting tired of recapping this Rich. If you stop recapping I will def stop watching...

That said the winner was already leaked, which is hilarious cause the final episode doesn't air until next week (this week is a clip show).....and the people who leaked it were CW themselves.


Naima wasn't openly gay??


I had a gif party when kayla left. She's the Analeigh of the cycle. She was antm fierce, but not actually fierce fierce. Plus terrible terrible proportions. I guess "you should go into acting" is just a nice way of saying you're not a fashion model.


I haven't been this let down for the final two since Mckey and Sam.
If Ann wins I will probably hit my computer, as I lifted my fist to it last week for putting Ann in the top two, and yelled at my TV for keeping her in my face since episode 3.


"As a lead cyclist on the seat-less bike of reality TV, Tyra knows what she's talking about."

Rich, you are a bloody genius. That is some great writing.

More Winston, please!


as much as they love ann's photos, i can't imagine her doing anywhere near well enough with the commercial, covergirl shoot, AND runway to win the thing. though, it will be quite entertaining to see her try.


There were some real "The Ring" moments in that tape. I worry Ann will come out of my TV next week and throw me in a well but ya know what?

"Bring it"


My favourite part of this episode was when they showed the bacon sandwich picture for the nth time but this time with a twist: they began by focussing in tight on the cat and then pulling back to reveal... Ann. Ugh. I don't like Ann; I don't find her modelly in any way beyond height.



Jodie Whalo

OMG, that "motion editorial" was so atrociously bad that I was left utterly motionless and speechless for nearly five full minutes afterward. The creative direction was cliche to the point of ridiculous, the music was insipid at best, and the camera work was the kind of predictable shit you see in a high school English class video project for the section on "Wuthering Heights."

Her and M. Night Shyamalan should get together and make a movie. Hopefully, they'll cancel each other out.


My favorite part was Tyra asking, no, begging for hardcore sexuality from the girls. Surely something to use in her lying-in-bed spank bank, no?


"Hmm. In other news, This Is The First Final 4 Without An African-American Girl In The History Of America's Next Top Model!"

Who was the African-American Girl in the Cycle 2 top four? ;)


I thought it was cute that Tyra was trying to be the Kaiser. As if.


Collen, Mercedes was in the top 2 in cycle 2.


Ok, so Eva wasn't a lesbian winner? I thought we all knew her and Ann were lesbians.
Also, McKey is a little mannish, although she had a boyfriend.

I thought Naima was openly bi.

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