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November 05, 2010



I also am addicted to JJ.


The audio is horrible though.


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Um, it's not fair! Um should be an official part of the U.S. lexus! Um, we hear it so much we internalize it and can't help but put it at the beginning of our sentences! Um, it's just a way of allowing time to gather one's thoughts before talking while also acknowledging a person so it doesn't seem like you're ignoring them. Um, it would only be stalling if it were repeated multiple times, otherwise, it's just a natural part of human dialogue.



I wonder how she developed such an intense psychological hatred for 'Um'? Perhaps one day she'll snap and start hitting people with her gavel whenever she hears it?


"Um" may not be an answer, but the majority of these people WERE giving her an answer until she interrupted them to say "'Um' is not an answer".

megan v

She's just using that as a way to show power over them. It's a little ridic! Um. Yeah.


"How much child support have you paid in the last year?!" Does it show more respect to the court to stare blankly in the air while he does the math in his head? Um, I don't think so...


um... is a way of deflecting until they can think up a lie as their response. Judge Judy is deliberately (psychologically) interrupting their chance to think up that lie! She is one sharp, witty woman!


All of you JJ fans NEED to watch this if you haven't already!!!


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I'm a big fan of Judge Judy she is not afraid to tell it how it is and people really needs to hear the truth from someone.


Yes I do agree that she does speak the truth about those people but surely there is a much better way of getting her opinion across without sounding demeaning. I think it's abuse use of power.

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Judge Judy rocks!!!! I know she can be a bit rough around the edges but I really think we need more women like her. She is not afraid to speak her mind, hats off to her!

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