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November 29, 2010



This movie was fucking glorious. I'm surprised you didn't mention the ridiculousness of the timeline! The whole movie takes place over the course of a month and a half, except for the end, which is a birthing and renovation later.


Oh, and I'm pretty sure Jack put on a pair of jeans, not even more pajamas.


...and I'm continuing to be nuts, but it was a keyboard!


OHHHH! I loved this movie, too!! I agree with everything you said and want to add a few more points:

1. Was this not a totally lesbian movie? I was DYING at that opening number when Xtina is almost licking her lips at those luscious lady parts on stage!

2. Did Xtina look like her forehead was totes botoxed to you? I think that was the logic behind that 'bangs' do she had going on.

3. I was actually quite impressed with Xtina's singing in this BECAUSE the producer kept her melismas under control for all except the last number.

And 4. That fan number. *fans self*


Was hoping this would be right up there with Showgirls, and I am happy to hear that it is! Will see this soon!


I'm surprised by all the negativity. I think people are making it out to be more than what it was intended to be. Its a fun feel good piece. Fun music, light storyline. I really enjoyed and Christina tends to work a damn nerve with me. The music scenes were fun, there was some witty dialogue, I dont' know maybe I don't think about it enough but I thought it was just a fun feelgood movie.


What about Cher wielding a tire iron? Or that Cam's character song writing is so deep and personal and then it turns out to be a song about how to Burlesque? That was funny.


I loved it! I laughed and laughed -- the men's eyeliner, the awesome dialogue, "I thought you were gay because you had a daybed", the total lack of even bothering with any backstory/explanation of characters such as the absent fiancee, PETER GALLAGHER is in it, I could go on and on. It was perfect to see it in a matinee on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It makes me happy just thinking of it.


Wagon wheel watusi!


i'm going to see this tonight. i hope it lives up to this incredible review. by the way, you say her character is from a small town back east? from where back east? different places?!! (cue flying french fries)


Except remember Cher wasn't even singing to an audience for her big numba. She was just "rehearsing" it for the next night. Major dumb waste of potential camp moment. (Cuz you know they were so lacking.) Doy!

Tim Jones-Yelvington

Fuck yes the glorious limbo.

So refreshing to see Sontag brought into a conversation about this movie.



I was waiting to see this movie until you gave it the okay - because I knew you'd review it. How could you not?



I disagree with you only about who had the best line. IMO that goes to Veronica Mars and "I won't be upstaged by some chick with mutant lungs!"


oh my.... what the hell did i just see? i think you're right about the ambiguous intentions. i decided to rename it Mouseketeer Showgirls.

oh...and now i finally understand why everyone online keeps saying "wagon wheel watusi."


She even looked like Nomi with those huge doe eyes! And her entire family was 'deceased'!

It was beautiful, all I was hoping for and more.


Goodness I loved this movie. My only quibbles:

-No Cher/Xtina duet? Would the world have exploded?

-And the whole 'real estate smarts' to save the rec center. Whatever happened to danceoffs and telethons?


What Athena was to a forehead, they are to penis heads, apparently.


I got over excited because I love you so much, what I meant to say was this sentence is quite possibly the best thing ever written:

What Athena was to a forehead, they are to penis heads, apparently.

It is so fantastic in fact that I had to break my year long streak of just reading your posts and then slinking away in shame.


I'm about to head out and try to sell some air rights to something.

This movie was eye and ear candy, and that's okay with me. I am a sucker for singing dancing campiness.

Bromley Lippincott

I love that this movie is so over the top. We really need that in s world of homogenized, Disney-ized, overly CGI-ed, crap.

Not that I don't love me some Harry Potter.

'Cause I do.

But I'm only in it for Da Snape.


Rich, I love you. Seriously. This is what I'm going to point all the haters to when they get on my nerves about how much I want this on DVD.


Filmigirl is right, Botox on XTina definetly. I became obsessed with this during the movie, every time she sang and did her exagerated facial expressions my eyes went to her forhead! :P


1. Thank you for mentioning the awful trans joke. I saw this with a trans friend of mine and her nervous laughter after that was awwwkwaaarrrd.

2. And you are so right about plot points being dropped on and off. I kept waiting for them to give Kristen Bell a big scene where we find out *why* her character was such a bitch, and we never get one. Oh, and she gets in an awful argument with Cher, but then shows up at Georgia's wedding and there's no sense of palpable tension?

3. Cam Gigandet, I'm gonna take a Benadryl and see you in my dreams tonight.


I loved this movie! Even though Xtina's blush kept bothering me, the movie was fun! It's a shame she looks better in the movie than in real life. Tone down the bleached blonde look!

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