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Rich, you make my day

Jessie N.

I seriously just started questioning whether or not I knew the real definition of festive.


The words "Kansas" and "festive" have now lost all meaning in my brain.


I love how she has to do jazz hands almost every time she says it.


Jessie N., you are not the only one. I was like, 'does this shit mean something completely other than what I think it means?' Gatdamn!

Rich, all I want for Christmas is your eventual reviews for both "The Fighter" (which though set in Massachusetts gave me SO much Jersey it made me think of you) and Beyonce's I Am... concert film/documentary/love letter to weeping gay men in Brazil.

If you can give me both of those in the near future... dahling, I'll be so festive and things of that nature that my music box will glitter like a rainbow colored butterfly.

Donell James Foreman

I'm loving that you used "Dark Fantasy" at the end of the video. Is that gonna be your new song?


Festivus for the rest of us! Festive- the word has lost all meaning for me!


omg same at my parents house... it is nearly impossible to finish even the shortest, simplest project here!

happy holidaze :)


It stopped sounding like an actual word. Is it an actual word? My world has been turned upside down.


Poor MKUltra victim has a trigger word malfunction

J Sweet

Oh my. Ohmyohmyohmy. Did anyone actually watch her Christmas special? It was very promising as source material.

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Festive indeed Mariah, festive indeed! She must be so super excited that she has forgotten she is saying the word a gazillion of times. But still, in this holiday season, it is indeed the time to be festive and have some fun and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Festive holidays, Mariah!


Do you think you would ever do a video compilation of people saying 'let's get this party started'? It would be so festive....

kate welsh

I don't really like parties but being festive comes from within so im glad to have stumbled on this one. Insightful!

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