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December 25, 2010



Happy birthday of Jesus, Rich! Thanks for the great insight on life and culture that you share with us in every post.

Also, happy birthday of 2011!


I hope Winnie and Rudy get some good gifties!


Hope you have a good celebration!


Ohhh, you should come to Montgomery, where you can see that and more (such as lit-up crosses in everyone's front yard, which eerily resemble burning ones)

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Christmas is indeed the birthday of Jesus, our Savior. That is why we always celebrate Christmas with full swing of parties and celebrations. It is just once-a-year celebration so that is the main reason why almost some of us are being extravagant on that season. But what he heck, it is the birthday of our Savior Jesus, that reason alone is the qualification why we should celebrate!


I liv e in south jersey, where is this sign?


Happy holidays.. and enjoy!

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I do wanna wish all my friends and relatives a very happy new year and merry christmas…

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Great!! I was eagerly waiting for this day.


I saw the same thing written on the marquee of a Wendy's in Sommerset, PA just before Christmas while I was with my family. My mom thought it was so funny she made us pull over to take pictures and it is now the wallpaper on her iPhone.


I have celebrated this Christmas with great pomp and show with my family and I am really looking forward to next year.


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