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Screw the commenters on VV. You are right and don't let anyone tell you differently, Rich.

I miss Inner City, too. We're havin' big fun, dammit.


I think it's going to be another fun week for comments at The Village Voice. But whose fans have shown up to defend themselves? They're not calling you a racist atheist, so it can't be the Chris Brown fans. I'm betting it's Ke$ha fans judging by the attempted use of irony and low-brow clarification.

It's a fun post, too.


Only 2 comments so far on the Voice piece? It's not that I like it when they heap abuse on Rich, but is it wrong that I'm somewhat disappointed? Maybe the mouth-breathers just don't know what "insipid" means.


Hi Rich,
I used to read your blog regularly a couple of years ago when i used to waste a ton of time watching ANTM and i loved it. i quit that show and unfortunately, quit reading. Tonight I typed in your site for the first time in so long and OMG - you have all of the guest stars from Pee Wee's Christmas Special in your banner! It's my favorite Christmas special of all time and I'm so thankful that someone has recognized it!! I am totally logging on your site all the time now!!



Thanks for another great post. My favorite-to-hate insipid dance song is Last Night a DJ Saved My Life by the fabulous Indeep.

Featuring the incredibly deep lyrics:

"Last night a DJ saved my life
Last night a DJ saved my life from a broken heart
Last night a DJ saved my life
Last night a DJ saved my life with a song"

Pure digital puke.

Much love,



The kickers are certainly "like a blizzard" and, of course, "dirty bit" which made me bust out laughing. I blame for all of this, actually. Even the stuff I like.

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Good one here Rich...KUDOS!

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