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December 16, 2010



Watch: two days from now, this will be posted by some mainstream media source, uncredited. It's almost predictable at this point.


You are so seriously awesome - always.


Epic. Also? I've now heard "Kansas" so many times in a row that it doesn't even sound like a real word anymore. :o)

Vanessa M

And to think I considered this phrase tired when I heard it in an ad for Avatar. Now I'm wondering if Cameron also threw in "Don't go there" and "That's what she said" too (still sick of that movie even though I haven't seen it yet.)

I can't imagine the mountain of shit you had to view to pan out these nuggets.


There should be signs on the highways when you leave Kansas that say "Kansas: You're not here anymore."


Kansas is one of those words that sound stranger the more times you hear it.

That Neil Guy

I need to look for a "Let's get out of here!" montage. I suspect it would encompass even more films...


That was brilliant. And good point about it not having superseded its source. I found that not only is Kansas one of those 'stranger when repeated' words but so is anymore. Played with my mind.


Office Space


So. Very. Amazing.
Thank you!


Captain Planet, then immediately John Rhys-Davies followed later by Sailor Moon and Nerdphoria!

Shirley Yuvherduvmy

This is a day of independence for all the Munchkins and their descendants!


this is incredible. how did you even manage to do it? from memory? because that would kind of give you rain man status.


Incredible work. Should you ever feel the urge to make a sequel, there is totally one in the first 5 minutes of "The Secret of My Success" that's ripe for the picking.


So who did the cover of 'In high Places'?


It's the feel-good Supercut of 2010! Amazingness. And you included my guilty pleasure, Farscape? Like whoa.


I was recently reminded today that another supercut should involve the phrase, "But I didn't know you were a _____" and "You never asked!" and all of it's variations.


Oh, what a world.


I totally appreciate your editing abilities, watching that plant cop a feel filled me with sunshine.
My favorite Oz quote is NOT NO WAY, NOT NO HOW, and I find an excuse to say it at least once a day.


This is the best one yet. I love it so much.


Please stick to content like this, it's always very interesting. On the other hand, your commentary on current pop culture is generally worthless and off-base. You seem to be able to find gems from the past and resurface them, but with current pop items, you just dismiss them as valueless regardless of the actual merit.


lol love this video.

I dunno if you knew this or not but I"m going to assume you did, but just in case, in "Mysterious Skin," she was actually being literal... they were actually from Kansas, lol. But I guess it's still funny because even though it's literal it fits so well with the cliche. Which was probably why you put it in. :D




You're amazing! Thanks.


KilPatrick obviously ignores all commentary on reality TV, concert DVDs, HSN, and TV interviews on this site. And, you know, your day job over at VH1.

Great job on the supercut. I might make it homework for my theater students who just don't get that saying or singing every line with the exact same inflection regardless of context isn't good acting. This'll learn'em good.

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