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I'm going to write this here instead of on the Chris Brown Village Voice article (because those commenters frighten the hell out of me). Thanks for the Chris Brown article. It's so true. His music is awful and he's an awful human being.


I want GSP to fight in MW or LHW in Exhibition but I don't know how. Is this possible? How do I go about it?


I commented on the article(I'm Ty Worley.)

But can I just say, some of those Chris Brown fans need spell check like it's nobody's business. Or everybody's.

Jessie N.

This is the best comment yet.

"Wow. If I were Chris Brown I'd be embarrassed by my illiterate fans right about now. "

It also sums up most of the pro-Chris Brown fans comments
I think you should read the comments. They are beyond hilarious.

Red Flava

lol. But Chris Brown at least has some good songs.


Mom Breezy obvs wrote all those comments.


Couldn't agree more about Chris Brown. He never seemed to be genuinely sorry for what he did. And isn't it interesting that Kanye STILL gets flack from merely interrupting Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony but Chris Brown has been absolved from BEATING Rihanna? Hmmm...I wonder what the difference between Taylor Swift and Rihanna is? Let me think. Hmmm....


THANK YOU. Rich, you are so often the voice of reason in this idiot-filled music critic world. Chris Brown does not deserve any kind of adoration or even attention. Even if by some miracle he released a few great tracks I would never in a million years give a cent to that man. Domestic violence is not excusable. I don't care about your community service, your finding god, your praise from the judge. Yes, you made just one mistake. But that mistake was a bad one.

Re: wannabeontop...Taylor Swift milked that thing for all it was worth. Rihanna has pretty much refused to talk about it.


Thank you for Chris Brown hate. I was horrified when I was listening to the radio, and his song Deuces came on with the lyric "what ike did to tina in the limo it finally hit me." SERIOUSLY? Hey Chris Brown, I'm definitely not convinced you regret being an abusive woman-hating asshole.


I might--might--be able to listen to Chris Brown again if he actually puts out good music. He did not earn the success of that awful...thing (I refuse to call it a song) with penance, regret, or musical ability and I hate him more for it. Is a tear that powerful? He stared at the lights long enough to start crying, people. It's an old stage trick and people fell for it hard.

Rejuv by Caci

I haven't listened to him yet so I can't comment on him.


"what ike did to tina in the limo it finally hit me." what. the. actual. fuck??? he's a bigger ass-douche than i thought, which makes him pretty much off the charts at this point. the fact that some people still support him in all his douchebagery and mediocrity truly makes me rage. i refuse to listen to his new music, and can't stomach his pre-beating songs.

i couldn't agree more with the article, btw. it's about damn time someone preached the truth about him. i can't find humor in the inane drivel from his stans, its fucking sickening and scary.


Chris Brown stans are the saddest people in the world. They're almost too pitiful for me to hate.

Alvin Jimenez

Rich, long time fan, first time commenter.

Whoever Mrs Garrett is on the comments section deserves their own blog cause it was cracking me up

Chris Brown fans are idiots. Sorry. He's not even all THAT great.


Did Chris Brown really have a revival? I feel like he had spurts where some people were really trying hard to bring him back, but he's still hasn't reclaimed his mainstream status yet.

And this is a good thing, because, yup, I can't stand him either.


Everyone has his music and this music is popular in the world.
But i fuck hate this music.


Oh Rich,
I love you for so many reasons, but your Chris Brown hate brings me endless joy. Keep the hate alive!
I'm a DJ and I have refused to play a single song by him or anything featuring him since the Rihanna incident and I stand by my decision, no matter how much flack I get. Screw that talentless idiot!


So, while our tastes in movies seems to be exactly the same, it turns out that our musical tastes are completely out of whack. We just dig different genres. I still avidly read every single review and like to think if anyone ever asks me about house music, I will at least be able to steer them in the right direction, even if it's not my cup of tea. That said, I did download a track you recommended way the hell back there (the Konishi Yasuharu remix of "I Want You Back"). It popped up on my MP3 player the other day and I totally jammed out. I just wanted to thank you for that. You may convert me yet. Back to the topic at some point in the future you're going to have to take a gander at the comment section on that article...I haven't laughed so hard in a very long while.


Thanks for pointing this out Rich! The comments are priceless. This is my favorite exchange so far:

"former chris brown fan":

"Steezdoll_nena" in reply to former chris brown fan:
"oh so you're a former fan..........then why is your ass on here?"



Love that you gave a shout-out to Ali Love's "Smoke & Mirrors" -- I thought his album was one of the best of the year, unfairly overlooked.


Love the outrageous comments and love the article even more.

Vanessa M

Internet comment boards (with some notable exceptions like this blog) are slack-jawed rage-fueled alternate universes where spell check fears to tread. Truly don't bother reading the comments. The moments of giggles aren't worth the depression that sets in after you realize there are real people unironically typing this shit.

And the poster who calls themselves "Sarah", c'mon that's Chris Brown right?


Why do you hate Chris? He didnt do anything to you. I think everyone hates him cuz he makes mistakes and doesnt try to hide them, everyone else in the industry has a a lot of glitter and gold that glazes over their crimes and words misspoken. smh. people always expecting perfection


He didn't do anything except annoy the fuck out of us with his crybaby antics and the most unapologetic apology on public television ever. BTW, he's not hiding his mistake, but he's also not truly acknowledging it.

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