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December 06, 2010



I am not sad that this season is over but sad for no more recaps. Thanks for all the laughs!


Great end line!

Loved this season, even though it was wildly anticlimactic.


I thought it was a pretty good season but I'm boring, I prefer likeable girls to bitchy girls. Also, I think you should bring back the occasional video blog a la Saleisha's cycle.


I think we had it all wrong about Ann re: Breakdown Watch. It was Chelsey who was truly on the verge of something fierce. I got Black Swan vibes from her in the last episode, especially during panel. It's a pity we couldn't follow up and see how Chelsey was doing three days after the decision. That's when the manifestations turn violent.

This is Top Model ELEVATED.

Lisa from the L

What will I do without my ANTM recaps?!

Anne Noise

I'm glad to see someone else has a level of attraction between fuck and watch fuck online. (And, actually, I guess watch fuck in person, too.)

XTube is the shit.


I guess I'm glad Ann won. I couldn't get past the Miss Nicole Paige Brooksiness of Chelsey. Especially since Miss Nicole Paige Brooks worked it better.

But dear God, how did I not know that "Madame's Place" existed !?!?! Corey Feldman and Judy Landers in a sitcom with Wayland Flowers & Madame? That must have been the cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed. I am indebted to you forever for bringing this to my attention.


Elyse Sewell actually made some money as a model post ANTM and hopefully Ann will too.

A kazillion girls from the auditions, a few hundred actually making the show in the last 15 cycles and so far we have one "real" working model, and zero supermodels. Tyra really knows how to pick 'em!


Please, PLEASE do a Nigel "the camera loves you" supercut. That shit would be fantastic.


"The girl who needed the confidence boost got the confidence boost."

I love when you subtly work in our favorite ANTM-isms. Keep up the wonderful work!


I loved that Tyra was drooling all over the place about Roberto Cavalli's scarecrow shoes (niiiice, Rich) when only minutes before, we'd seen some flunky backstage at the "fashion" "show" mercilessly hacking the fringe off of them. Ostensibly so that the models wouldn't trip over said fringe and fall on their damn faces. (and by "models" I mean, of course, "Ann.")


Does anyone know how old Ann's brother is? He looked kind of cute.

Paul O'Mahony

ann will dominate that shit, along with liz. . . . fucking hate liz. . . .

btw greetings from IReland :):)


If you do a camera loves you superclip, you'll need some Twiggy moments as well. That will probably double your collection.


Ann's brother is 15. And 6'7". And growing. Haha.


I still can't look at ALT without being reminded of Tim Gunn's experience witnessing ALT seated and bibbed, on a couch in a backstage green room being hand-fed morsels of food by hapless lackeys. So appropriate that ALT would wear an enormous, sparkley bib for the finale.

Great recap season, Rich. Thanks for all the pretty parties, crying counts and Talley tallies!


Love the bacon sandwiches comment

And yea, I agree ALT is ovvvvverrrrr this shit.

Krista aged about 5 years in 3 months...
Oil/Shine is not her friend

Pissy Anne

What? No comment about Chelsey's moms permanent surprised face? She was freaking scary. Slap a wig on Ann's brother and you have............Ann. That's scary too. And how freakishly small were Ann's feet? I thought they focused on the gnarly feet alot in this episode. She needs a pedicure stat! And the scarecrow shoes were dreckitude at its best. This whole episode/season was ugly.


Chelsey looks like Kimmy Gibbler in that 90s pic.


Rich you have to book Ann on Inside the Reality Studio PLEASE!! We need to know the answer to such questions as what is her cat's name in the bacon sandwich photo , did she ever actually eat the bacon sandwich, what are her family's favorite movies and ask her if she can auction off the Last Supper drawing, that would be AWESOME.


I just have to say that at judging, Tyra looked so much like Thandie Newton in the Chronicle of Riddick.

Oh yeah, and I agree, how could you miss an opportunity to mention Chelsey's mom? Yikes!! The judges took one look through the window to the future and knew that it would not be kind to Chelsey.


I wish they would stop trying to fool us into believing these are real fashion shows in these finales! First of all, Jay would not be running fuck all. Secondly, the ANTM rejects would not have been allowed in the building let alone on the runway. Thirdly, people don't shout and yell at the models while they're actually, you know, modeling. Shut it Tyra! Finally, the designers don't even show up for these things! That was stupid having the girls clap for no one but themselves.
They sure did praise Chelsey a lot at last panel, and pretty much gave Ann a "meh," but she had to win, Vogue Italia wanted her from the get go. Also, Chelsey's Covergirl photo was extremely Photoshopped. It almost didn't look like her at all. Oh, and she has her handsome father's face. No shame in my game, I would do him!
Roberto Cavalli's face disturbs me. He doesn't look like any breakfast meat that I would ever eat!


One more thing. Krista looks like a boogawoof in that picture above.


the camera loves those shoes!
thanks again Rich!


You really have to do a gif of ALT's rediculous rantings... Why he is an 'expert' is only only because he says he is one. Truely a case of the emperor has no clothes. Ann? Really? I guess he likes the deer in the headlights/mouthbreather look.

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