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December 01, 2010



I for one am shocked. I didn't read spoilers and thought Chelsea would be the David to Ann's Goliath.


It was such a weird finale episode. Can't wait to read your wrap-up!


Can't wait for the Recap of Great Destiny and Snark.

Am I the only one who thought that Ann would and actually should win?


Shoulda been Kayla...


Wait. . .did she somehow learn to runway walk? CONFUSED. Not that I wasn't an Ann fan, but seriously?


This cycle sucked, but i liked ann so...


Ugh I am actually so mad Anne won. While I wasn't a fan of Chelsea: Anne was not the package the judges kept saying they were looking for. She lacked personality, stage presence, a strong walk, and fashion knowledge. I am sure she is a nice person, but she didn't deserve the win.


Finally ANTM has learned that personality is not a requirement to be a top model. I am glad Ann won and her second walk was better than both of Chelsea's walks. Ann was actually the underdog because the show doesn't usually like obvious winners, except for McKey.
Ann's brother: HOT!!

Ya Na!

Am I the only one who thinks there is something Eva Green-ish in Ann?


thank god.. if i heard chelsea's old-ass face saying that she 'doesn't think ann should be here' one more f*ing time.. i seriously almost punched the tv. (and it's an old-ass tv so it can take it.)

Ya Na!

Also...Chelsea - Anna Paguin, yes?


Ann is the definition of "it gets better." You go girl!


I have watched Top Model from the beginning and just found out about these recaps this year (thank the Lord, I was about to give up!), but this cycle was the closest to the first season where they should have given it to the waif med student, Elyse, who said modeling was BS and was eliminated third instead of She Who Will Not Be Named.

That's why I love this trainwreck of a show. It's the best and I watch tons of reality TV. The past two seasons have ended with Andre swooping in and being the voice of reason while sounding like a Nuyorican Slam poet. Ann deserved to win and I actually hope she stumbles upon some sort of "high fashion" campaign.

But alas, I know, the most she can hope for is a sex scene with Mark Ruffalo (Yaya).


I love Ann, from her awkward personality to her awkward pictures, to her awkward everything.

The judges said they were out to find the next high-fashion model, and that was clearly Ann from the get-go. Along the way, they'd critique her with their usual "COVERGIRL!" ideology - which doesn't fit with high-fashion whatsoever, so I'm glad they made the right choice.

Chelsea became a real bitch during the last few episodes, trash-talking every moment she'd get. I like that Ann apparently was nice (according to the edit anyway!), and the nice one actually won! I see this as vindication for Allison!


Shit, I didn't watch the episode yet, and accidentally saw this in Google Reader. Thanks for spoiling everything! Oh, wait. No, never mind.


For some reason Jay Manual's line delivery kept reminding me of semi-ho Sandra Lee.


Yay for Ann! She actually could be a "real" model from what we've seen, and Chelsea was getting super uppity so I'm glad honest, naieve, awkward as hell Ann won. Honestly, she has more of a chance of making it in high fashion than Chelsea, who is a better fit for a Macy's Ralph Lauren ad.


Yay for Ann, glad for her, it does get better, but Jane is the one i'll remember from this season. Sure, a bit boring and she folded under pressure but homegirl is STUNNING and really the only one that looked like she belonged on that Just Cavalli runway.


I loved the broken record of Andre Leon Talley saying "Ann is the new sexy...Ann is the new sexy...Ann is the new sexy" while wearing that "illuminating" ensemble at the final panel. It was like performance art.


Ya Na!, GREAT spot!


I really don't understand the insistence that Ann is "high fashion." Successful models are about 5'10", not 6'2". Their bodies don't look like Ann's. She is not proportioned well at all. I find it confusing that people seem to think she'll be successful at all.


I totally agree with you joeyjoey, the top 2 really should have been Jane and Ann. Jane would have been the safer bet if they chose her as the winner, but I am still happy Ann won.


If I had Tyra's phone numner, I would call her and tell her how STUPID she is.


I say as a typo renders me looking stupid....


Love that the person who did worst on go sees (although she was the only one Versace said they would book)and the bogus commercial for Tyra Water won because in the "real" world she won't be doing commercials or wandering around Italy without benefit of oh, I don't know....a frickin' taxi?
She's tall and skinny and her face handles makeup well-sounds like a model to me.

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