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December 01, 2010



Joey, I feel the exact same way. Like Tyra, I creepily think about Jane every night while I lay in bed. I can't help it, she really is so gorgeous.

Chelsea got annoying and kind of bitchy in the end, and I'm sure she thought she had the whole thing in the bag. And I, being kind of bitchy myself, felt a little thrill of schadenfreude when Ann won. God, I really need a hobby, don't I.


I'm surprised only because EVERY cycle I've liked the runner-up better than the winner. (C6 was the only one that was close.) And I hated Chelsea


Re: Everyone who's already commented - I didn't get bitchy from Chelsey at all ... I mean, compared to bitches past, she's a pale (har-de-har-har-har) imitation. Besides, in their final two shoots and in their interactions at their model apt., there was absolutely no real conflict between the two girls. If Chelsey came off as anything in her solo interviews, I think it was as understandably bored/irritated with having to share her last few Top Model hours with a girl with the personality of cabbage.

I think it's a real snooze that Ann won, and I can't remember a cycle with a less dramatic ending. Not just because the girl who was foreshadowed to win almost from her very first appearance on the show won, but also because basically everyone got along and there was no resolution to the Ann Breakdown Watch of '10...

I guess there's always next cycle.


Ann is fine for Italian Vogue. I think her cover will be stunning. I just think she lacks the total package to go further. I don't see her doing runways in the U.S. or any type of commercial work. I see her more as an art model, not someone who could sell products. Did anyone else think her Covergirl shot looked like her head was severed?

Anyway, I think this was a little bit of a disappointing cycle. I think the prizes were great but the season lacked a true winner in terms of a whole package.


Would love a Chelsey losing moment eye roll gif.


Jane will be the one with a model contract. She's dreamy.


I was so tired of hearing Ann's sad story. She brought it up on every challenge as an excuse. Either she was coached to constantly go on and on about how awful her life has been or she really does buy in to her self deprecation. I found the constant references to her height just self promotion disguised as a pity party. I think she was proud of her height when it came to show. She was one dimensional, good only for high fashion stills. As for the whole package - her personality was her biggest issue. She comes across as vacant. I cannot see any designer booking her for runway.


They should have just given this one to Allison with no explaination.

Jodie Whalo

Yay Ann, I guess. I like her. She seems like the type you'd hang out with on a Wednesday night eating pizza and cookie dough and watching old episodes of Ranma 1/2. Good times!

All my best to her, seriously.

Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Rich! Make a gif of ALT doing his little head-whip after Tyra says, "We've reached a decision." I'll make you cupcakes! (I make FANTASTIC cupcakes)


I love how people still try to justify why anyone should win ANTM or not, as if ANTM has ever been fair or even slightly consistent.

I mean, you can say Ann shouldn't have won because she isn't "the complete package" (god, how I hate that expression) - you can just as easily reason it would've been ridiculous for Chelsey to win in the supposedly "high fashion"-themed cycle.

In the end, it could literally have gone either way, there's no real rhyme or reason to the ANTM decision process.

(Although personally I'm kind of glad Ann won, because she's strange and geeky and Chelsey seemed surprisingly mercenary and dull for someone with such great personality.)


You know, I was actually surprised Ann won.
Mostly because when I watch the first episode I find a girl and I think "She's going to win this.", and she never does. She's actually usually eliminated pretty quick.

And this time she did.

And is it bad that I'm still bitter that Rhianna got sent home instead of Liz?

I did miss not having an Ann Breakdown, though. I was really looking forward to that, Rich. Why'd you set me up?


I had no idea that I'd get blasted like I did! What I should have included in my original question is that we were completely dumbfounded to find out that we were going to receive any money from our insurance company.

Elliott H.

WTF at so many people calling Chelsey "Chelsea" ? Was she really so ignored the entire season that people don't even remember her name?


I like Ann and am happy for her. I hope she can actually have a career despite winning.

Your Mother

Ann looks freakishly, sickly thin and didn't look like she belonged on a runway. Her pictures were good, but not omg AMAZING.

All I have to say about Chelsea is:


Vanessa M

I quit watching a few weeks ago but I still have these on my dvr. I was doing the "Should I delete and free space/should I save in case my interest unexpectedly returns?" dance. I decided, fuck it. I'ma see who won first. Damn you, ANTM. I try to leave, you hoover me back in. I briefly feel elation that Ann won. I go back to feeling shamed I still watch this thing.

Could this relationship be more unhealthy?

(nothing wrong with my mad love for your blog, Rich. I almost said "for you, Rich" then I thought, creepy?)


I am happy she won, she has the weirdest face ever and if she works it right she's gonna be big in Europe/Asia...not so much in America, but really who cares. As for her walk, well it wasn't great but it was a huge improvement....Nicole Fox learned how to walk REALLY well after her cycle, i bet when Ann comes back next year people are going to be surprised. And Krista from last cycle? WHAT THE FUG?!?!?!?!?!?! Is it just me or does she only look good in pics?

As for the real winner of this cycle, it's Jane, she's lucky she's not a winner so she can have a chance at a real career. The girl is amazing!


Ann's brother. Definitely cute. I'm looking forward to seeing his face in your recap PLEASE!!!!!!


I wanted Chelsea to win but am curious to see what will happen (if anything) to Ann.

Anne does take good pictures but would definitely do well to have a 24 hr on call makeup artist, haha. She really just does noooot look pretty with her straggly frizzy hair and barebones makeup otherwise. Hair and makeup transform her completely; without it she just seems "off". Also: dental work.

Andy S. aka 'O'

NGL, I was rooting in known vain for Nicole Paige Brooks to beat her but if it wasn't Kayla, I'm glad it was her.


Loved Ann, and it makes me laugh that Chelsea agreed to have her teeth sanded so she can fit half a sliced pickle into her gap. . .and now she's going to be like that forevah!

Dumb. Ass. Move.


Well tickle me surprised! NOT! I'm still heartbroken over jane... but whatevs... GO ANN!!! Represent TALL AWKWARD GIRLS!


OMG...people are still saying Kayla should have won it. Last I checked, Amy Poehler wasn't booking any magazine covers.


Worst season since cycle 9. It was nothing but the Liz/Kayla/Ann show.


Chelsey or Jane should have won - but then again I almost always disagree with the winner they choose. And I think ALT is on drugs.

Plus as far as Ann being More Vogue Italia - didn't the editor choose Chelsey as the best of the 4??
Ann was too skinny (as much as that gal Tyra cut in one of the first episodes?) and those hulking scowling shots? ick. Also hated some of her winning photos - the dark "angel" and the one in the ring - wtf -setiously?

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