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December 17, 2010



I would love to BE Mrs Garrett and tell a room full of prisoners to fall on their knees. That would be the merriest of Christmases,


Oh, monsters, no contest. That would be totally disturbing, in the best possible way. And if I had to pick one monster, it would be the mustached, long nailed one.


Oh, Mr's Garrett. You have the voice of an angel. Didn't Blair sing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" which was every prisoner's favorite Christmas song?


Oh my, now I feel like Mrs. Garrett is going to eat my soul. I'm going to go with the monsters on this one...much less disturbing.


Can we pick one of the prisoners? Second row, center, OBV.


OK Natty. Bearded dude on the left, second row.

Vanessa M

Jo was clearly the only fuckable one from that show. The rest were Christians. Or Natalie.


forgive me, but what the fuck is going on in the 2nd clip!? haha it's so bizarre that even my warped mind couldn't get it's self around it.
Also, the ONLY one i would fuck in either of those clips is Tootie's Roller Skates! YES! Tootie was the ORIGINAL Roller Girl!

Miss Lisa

Mrs. Garrett's hair was so LARGE. You could easily hide a shiv in there and bust out on Christmas day, no problem.

Are monsters Christians? This could explain a lot.


Wow, it's been sooo long since I thought about how much I liked Jo. And, as I google her now, I see we have almost the same birthday.

Nike Jordan

I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a PART of hell will break loose... it'll be much harder to detect.

kate welsh

Monsters RULE! sorry Ms. G

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