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December 08, 2010



So any bets on who will steal this?


Hahahaha, so many good memories. I love the inclusion of Tyra being an asshole to Brooke. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GIRLS WOULD LOVE TO BE LOOKING AT MY CINNAMON BUN HAIR AND GETTING AXED?! DO YOU?!?!?!?!?


Thanks for including Brooke's moment of perspective that real life milestones are way more important than this dog-and-pony show and Tyra imperiously setting her straight. Because it takes a big, rib-eating woman to make sure that she kicks a teenager when she's down.

Draylen R.

I think Katarzyna went on to have minimal success... Um...besides being a nice refresher on who all these people were (I can't believe I remember Magdalena...probably for the sole reason that she was eliminated before cycle 3 began!) and then laughing once I realized that they flopped out of existence. It was nice seeing Lisa's elimination speech...twice for some reason (?) and to Whereismyrobot, the possibilities are endless! First it was Jay Leno, then the Insider, a pretty safe bet is that this will wind up somewhere that's completely unaware of what point this video is trying to make, so hellooooo Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model!

Emily Wilkerson

Unfortunately, I have seen Jade again. Who woulda thunk it?


The only girl I've seen again is Heather Kuzmich. At the grocery store. Because she lives/lived in my neighbourhood. (I think I saw her in an Aveda ad as well, but who can tell -- everything in magazines is Photoshopped to hell.)


Jade is definitely hard to forget. She wasn't wrong about that.

Jeepers, I did not recognize the majority of them. The only one I know for a fact who was actually right was Fatima. She's been on the cover of magazines and has walked in New York and Milan.


I have seen Fatima, but Jennifer was on Jimmy Fallon AND in Cosmo this week. Score?


This is so good, especially because even the winners aren't ever seen again after they're done.


Oh, me and my silly ideas.


Another reality show cliche you should do is the, "I'm the realest person (or bitch, motherfucker, asshole)in here!" I heard that a lot.


WAIT WAIT WAIT just a minute! Yaya from cycle 3 is in TRON! how is that not success?

Ya Na!

and yet another one: she doesn't really want to be here, or other girls deserve to be here more than her, she doesn't really want this as bad as the others....


Ahhhhh too bad it didn't have Jaylas 'I'm going to make the winner look like nothing.'

Andy S. aka 'O'

Chantal is actually doing pretty well and let's not forget Elyse. As well as Katarzyna & Fatima.

Also, teams Jade, Sheena, & Ebony! As well as Adrianne

but yes: so many girls dreaming, so much strife and the really amazing girls, like Kaylen and Shandi for starters, can't even get anywhere. It's sad :/


I really hope that they can find success and happiness in an unrelated industry. Imagine withering away as a midwestern cashier with bitter memories of the "top model" you could have been. Sounds like a Tennesee Williams play


AMAZING. Thank you. Though I'm surprised you didn't end with Jade — her crazy poem ("If only I had the magic key / that would unlock the realms to the plateau of the highest me"), cry/laugh-snapping, and, of course, the fireworks. Jade is still the best character this show ever produced. (Also, I totally agree with @Phil that Jayla's weirdly bitter farewell was legendary.)


Jade looked like she should have been kneeling in front of R2D2 recording a message to Obi-Wan.


Yup. I've certainly not forgotten about Jade! Still awesome.


Interesting!! I loved it.

Your Mother

Isn't Analeigh doing The Green Hornet and some other movie? It's not modeling, but I think she's doing better than most these days.


In Minneapolis you can see Raina in ads on the sides of city buses. I can't remember what she's advertising, though. Mall of America, maybe?
She also did a photo shoot with the magazine I work for. So she's working, but only in MN.


I noticed that you didn't include those very few who have advanced their situations due to ANTM (obviously), although I do think that they would have advanced one way or another regardless. I had forgotten some of these others.

I get the impression that in some cases these girls thought they were letting down their many fans. Kinda sad, kinda stupid, and kinda arrogant. Thanks for the super cut.


Love the pic of the girl with the mustache and the voice-over "A lot of girls are going to wish they had this experience" haha!!


Who could possibly forget Jade?
If we go buy cycle, off the top of my head of girls who didn't win (some may still be working and some may not): C1, Elyse and Shannon. C2, April. C3 Yaya but more acting (The Kids Are Alright and Tron Legacy and off Broadway), she's been on the cover of W. Ann is the real working model from that cycle. No one from C4 except maybe Brittany and Lluvy but nothing major. C5, Nik, Diane, and Bre. Kim sometimes but she's more media. C6, Joanie's done some modeling but she's now on some home/construction show. Gina models but Mollie, Leslie and Nnenna have worked the most. Mollie's been in at least two international verions of Vogue. C7, Mel Rose still models. Eugena works steadily and Megg did/does. Monique works and AJ did for a moment. C8, Natasha models but is focusing on acting/plastic surgery, Brittany and Samantha did for a moment. C9, Chantal and Lisa work the most. Heather models but it's not first priority for her. Bianca, Janet and Kimberly have worked also. C10, Fatima seems to be doing the best. Anya and Kat. Kat worked in Europe (print/runway) and was in Australian Vogue. Actually, pretty much every girl from this cycle at least dabbled in modeling except for Amis. C11, Lauren Brie is the main working model from this cycle. Analeigh is acting (The Green Hornet and Crazy, Stupid, Love), Majorie models part time but wants to make films. Sheena, Elina and Clark work some. C12, Fo works the most. Kortnie is working. Natalie was. Aminat, Sandra and Isabella work also. C13, Brittany works the most. Lisa, Courtney, Rachel, Erin, Jennifer and Laura are working too. C14, Raina and Jessica work the most. Both are in L.A. Alexandra just had a spread in PLUS. Naduah is working as well. Brenda was signed.

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