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I work in a building in Manhattan that also houses a modeling agency (which is a fantastic confidence booster...) and one day a few months ago I saw Leslie leaving the building...


I can't believe Sheena. She had what it took me be a crossover reality star, like VH1 and such.

This interview is magic.

"Stereotype slasha!"


Raina is modeling for Vanity right now. I've seen a few posters in stores and photos online.

She also was doing some promotional work for Gilly Hicks (loungewear line from Abercrombie) this summer because I saw her standing outside their store in the mall of america in MN.


Hmmm. I gotta say in light of her performance in The Kids Are Alright... and she's gonna be in Tron (even though she's Siren #2)... yeah fuckin' Yaya appears to have climbed to the top of success in terms of entertainment industry as a whole. These girls are given acting exercises, so I'm counting it as modeling.

BUT... just from the breadth of her catalog photos and commercials and such, I still believe Elyse was/is the most successful during her time modeling. Not sure what she's doing now. Appears like she was done and ended her popular blog a year or so ago.

Of course I say that acknowledging that I'm sounding like my dad who still believes the Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd era of SNL is/was the funniest and always will be... le sigh.


And also... GREAT banner. My annual viewing is coming soon. Maybe this weekend. It just sort of happens.

"If God had wanted me to ice skate I would have been born with skinny feet and a little head." Little Richard.

Vanessa M

Some others besides Fatima have had some small success but I see other commenters have covered that.

I don't know why I should be surprised that this was depressing. Also, thank you for including one of Tyra's most asshole moments ever (wait-another megamix idea??): her horning in on Brooke's sadness about missing her high school graduation to remind everyone how this is. the. greatest. opportunity. in. history.


Jade's still referenced four years later, so she wasn't exactly wrong.


Katarzyna, Brittany M, Lisa J, and Megg have had great careers, not just Fatima ;)


you should do one of these for "at the end of the day..."
reality tv actors love using that line over and over...


I really thought you'd save Jala's(cycle 5) for last & you didn't even included it!
Go back & watch that shit. Talk about delusion.

Still a nice cut...

Joe M

OMG, Jayla saying she was gonna shadow the winner. That was fucking *classic*. Though the winner (Nicole) disappeared afterward, so maybe she did!

Cassandra, the chick that was booted because she refused to cut her hair during that same cycle, was recently on Mad Men - small role of what else a model, the friend of the butch lez that's friends with Peggy.

Not really modeling, but Mad Men is a great show (Jon Hammmmmmmmm) and most bona fide actors would slice a vein just for a walk-on.

Rich, just plaster ginormous cocks all over your video montages. That way if some lazy production assistant doesn't want to do their own work, they'll be forced to air big peens. It's a win-win.


Love this and was definitely hoping you'd do something like this! An Idol version of this would be great...especially when someone who doesn't even make the top 10 tries to pull that sentiment...


Don't worry Wendy, I did see you again. When you were my manager at the Abercrombie on Fifth Ave. They called us "models" there too!


Eva and Toccara do a lot of work, a lot of stuff on BET, but they definitely still model. Toccara just did a holiday spread in a recent issue of Essence.


I saw Fatima on the 3 train the other night and she looks fantastic.

Taylor Grace

Hey, Rich, when are you going to do your commentary/predictions on each of the new girls in Cycle 16? I don't believe you did it for the last cycle or two, but I for one sorely miss it!


RE: Tyra's stanky attitude to Brooke in her elimination. Damn Tyra was eating a lot of ribs that cycle, huh?

Supra Baby Skytop

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I stopped watching ANTM 2 or 3 cycles ago, but continued to faithfully read your recaps because I loved them.

I understand your wanting to move on however - if I don't wanna watch 'em, I sure can't blame you for feeling the same.

Thanks for all the laughs and fun - I'll miss your re-caps but still pop in from time to time see what you're talking about (and what Winston is up to!)

Thanks for all that time you put in,


kate welsh

I bet my week's salary that someone's gonna grab this. awww!


3IWLnK Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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At this point there should be an Ann breakdown monitor at the lower corner of the screen, flashing from green to yellow to red.

I thooooooought it was happening during the go-sees, as she sat with her tangled head of wispy hair... but ultimately am happy it didn't because its too easy.

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