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Dear Rich: I've been reading your blog 4daze. Imagine my surprise when I turned on some show or another and you were on teh teevee! My lil Rich is famoose! Congratulations!


Any suggestions on where to watch Wiseman's films?

Lisa from the L

It seems these women's idea of smiling is poking their chin out.


Where can we see this?


looks kind of rad Rich. and I see you saw Valhalla Rising, did you like it? it was not bad? right? if you have time I'd enjoy reading what you have to say about it.


I spent my most impressionable childhood years in the '70s and it's no wonder I will never feel (or indeed be) normal. There was so much weird stuff everywhere and people took it for granted. My dad let me watch Easy Rider on TV when I was like eight and I had nightmares about it, and what about all those creepy-ass Vicent Price movies that were on afternoon tv??


Loving the Hooked On Classics music they exercised to!


AH! My mom and dad met working at the Dallas Neiman Marcus in the 70's. I must own this lol


Holy sh*t, was that Ruth Patchett from "She-Devil" rolling her head around at the 1:25 mark??!?! Way to go Rich on this pretty little score!

Never heard of Wiseman, but must check him out. I love "still" documentaries like the Maysles bros.

Health Blog

I think you are right when you say this. Hats off man, what a superlative knowledge you have on this subject…hope to see more work of yours.

kate welsh

Good work on this one. Might just follow the trick here.

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