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I love how she adopts glasses whenever she talks about health/diseases.


Whoa! The shot of the gray cat at the foriegn car specialist shop is familiar to me, because I take my car there! The cat is no longer around though.


What an odd editing job... but I'm sure a good way to distill all of this information into one digestible bite of crazy! Honestly I'd like ot watch the whole thing! As a fan of cats and a fan of Rich, loved seeing this crazy video. Thanks!


BTW my favorite part: "Children in general are loud... for the last test, clap your hands and shout at the cat for about 5 seconds." This made me LOL for some reason!


that lady was totally batty!!

although in all seriousness it can be important to help kittens out with potty time and to make sure their poo is okay...I say this because of my experience with fostering kittens all the time. Like these two that almost died on me cos they got intestinal parasites.

and Rich, if you weren't already busy enough with blogging I'd tell you to help EIT edit their stuff!! You'd make a great member to the team.


Who wants to go to a cockfight?


holy shit that cracked me up


really liked that one


I would like to meet the 30 year old cat. OK no, I wouldn't.


Random and OT: I just discovered this amazing picture a few minutes ago. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't see it months ago, but anyone who hasn't seen it yet must:

Toy Couture awesome vid. This made me smile this morning :) Thanks for sharing ....and Welcome back!!!

~ ~


ahaha. So great. Your cut killed it, especially near the end. Thanks for the laffs!


"Children in general are loud..."

Vanessa M

Rich, I hate to hijack the thread but I saw your interview with RuPaul you did for your day job. He had such nice stuff to say about you. My heart is bursting with pride vicariously.

Vanessa M

My favorite part was the fun fact that cats are one source of ringworm! How exciting?

Michelle Johnson

Rich, I've been following you for years, and aside from the Rock of Love/Bus recaps, this is my favorite piece and your best cut to date. I can't stop watching it. I shared it on Facebook and my friends LOVE it. I directed them toward this fabulous blog. Thank you so much, you are fucking hysterical.



Was anyone else super pissed we didn't get to see the lady clap her hand and yell at her kitten for 5 seconds??

As always, Rich, great job!


This is so much funnier than it has any right to be. I lost it when she talked about spying on your cat while it poops then digging it up after.


Loved this... thank you!


That was freaking amazing. Bravo.

Max Cleanse Pro

It looks so cute. I wanna rear it in my home.

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

That made me laugh too hard. I'm trying to put my kid to sleep here!

Force Factor

Cats are kinda shy animal..

Affirm XL

But these are very scary. Aren't these..?


i like how the "up next" video is about the green river killer.

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